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Lauryn Hill – Selah Lyrics 10 years ago
Lauryn Hill is a Christian. This song is meant for Jesus. She's asking him to save her from her own deception.

Jamie Lidell – Another Day Lyrics 10 years ago
the choir is absolutely fantastic. and so is the instrumentation...not to mention jamie's immaculate soulful voice!

St. Vincent – Jesus Saves, I Spend Lyrics 11 years ago
thelifejurassic most likely hates Christ because many Christians give Christ a bad name. Don't hate Christ for the mistakes of the Christians. Read the New Testament, maybe you'll see that he was actually pretty decent.

Anyway, why would she tour with Sufjan if she didn't at least support him in his beliefs? Obviously the actual meaning behind the music is what draws musicians together.

Madeleine Peyroux – I’ll Look Around Lyrics 13 years ago
this song breaks my heart.

John Mayer – Comfortable Lyrics 14 years ago
this is my favorite part of the song (Any Given Thursday version):

"that you were my first love
is just dumb luck
a technicality
you were ahead of me
that you were my first love
is just dumb dumb stupid luck
a technicality
you will always be ahead of me
tell me why i have to practice on you
why i have to practice on your heart"

Joydrop – Sometimes Wanna Die Lyrics 16 years ago
i like this song...but at times the "sometimes i wanna die" part bugs me
i have no intention to die :-)

Mandy Moore – Only Hope Lyrics 16 years ago
the switchfoot version is better

Jars of Clay – Crazy Times Lyrics 16 years ago
i'd be lying if i said this song wasn't my theme song...b/c it really does sum up my life for me

Stacie Orrico – Maybe I Won't Look Back Lyrics 16 years ago
this song is honestly i feel about everything right about now.

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