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Something Corporate – As You Sleep Lyrics 12 years ago
It's about being in love and dreaming and breathing and knowing the other person even when you're so far apart.
1st verse - I'll take care of you and watch over you when you sleep.
Chorus - I will adore you just as I leave, but don't wake. I don't want you to have to bear the pain of our separation. But no matter the distance, we will always be together
2nd verse - I can't think of anything but you, and it breaks my heart to be so far from you
Bridge - Don't ever forget that I will be there for you.

At least that's the situation I'm in right now and I feel like this song is saying everything I need it to.

Better Than Ezra – A Lifetime Lyrics 14 years ago
I always thought the reference to REM was "The One I Love." It made sense to me. "This one goes out to the one I love" fit really well with the idea of doing something in honor of someone, in remembrance. I've no doubt that there is love between Kevin and Allie, since they were good friends.

"The One I Love" is 3:17, which I thought was close enough to the "three and a half minutes."

Train – When I Look To The Sky Lyrics 15 years ago
I think this song is about God or a guardian angel. There's references to Heaven and guidance. I don't really know how to explain it any further. It just seems to fit that way for me.

Third Eye Blind – Camouflage Lyrics 15 years ago
i hear 'i woke up only at midnight...i just don't know... i turn into soul, i do not go, even i don't go' at the secret words thing. if you go to 2:26 or so and set your equalizer to have everything muted except the 12k and 14k ranges, you can isolate it but it's still hard to tell. it's darn near impossible to understand what he's saying

Third Eye Blind – Wounded Lyrics 15 years ago
amazing tale of friendship. easily the best song on the album.

this girl got raped or beat or similarly abused and now she's afraid of going back out, ashamed of the bruises and scars (both physical and emotional). she refuses to talk to anyone about it, and he's trying to convince her to just go on with her life, to be proud of who she is and be strong again. he blames himself for not seeing it coming, and he wants to get back at the guy who did it to her, but most of all he wants to see her happy again.

Nickel Creek – The Lighthouse's Tale Lyrics 16 years ago
It's such a very sad song. I disapprove of the entire Christian debate, though. Who said that they had to be Christian at all? And to apply that meaning to this song, I think, is to err.

This song is about love, pain, and loss. The fear of being alone got the best of the keeper, and he wanted to be with her again, so he killed himself.

A beautiful song... It's one of the songs I play every morning on the way to school to clear my mind.

John Mayer – Victoria Lyrics 16 years ago
If you think about it, all the suitcase is blocking her rearview so that she can't see the place she's leaving. She doesn't want to have second thoughts, symbollically. You don't get into car accidents if you can't see through the rearview. (At least not just because of that.)

John Mayer – Outside in the Underground Lyrics 16 years ago
I doubt that this is a cover. It's one of those songs where John refers to Atlanta and Georgia. The Underground is actually Underground Atlanta, which is an attraction here. It's pretty much an underground shopping center mini-mall. It's also where they hold the New Years peach drop. It's a really popular place to walk about, and that subway would be some type of reference to the MARTA (Atlanta subway) station located next to Underground, (which is linked by a tunnel,) most probably.

This is one of the songs that I love so much because I know the places Mayer refers to. I can imagine walking through Underground with the crowd shoving me for being in their way, stepping outside and looking to the sky, seeing only darkness and feeling rain on my face. I think this song may refer to trying to get an audition to play at Underground and messing up, then coming back and not making the cut again... But then again, I'm not sure what it's about.

Dashboard Confessional – Anyone, Anyone? Lyrics 16 years ago
SpyderOne, you're not being very kind... stereotyping the 'emo kids' and what not. I don't watch MTV (or much TV, either) and my friend told me to download Saints and Sailors and I fell in love with Chris's music.

To me, this song is about a couple, but one of them isn't there. They don't talk much, but they're not breaking up or anything. They're still together and the one doesn't know what it's supposed to mean. The signals are mixed and he wants to know what the other is thinking, and what they want to do with relationship.

I've felt like this before. It was almost a theme song for it.

The Goo Goo Dolls – Big Machine Lyrics 16 years ago
to me, this song says 'you're not acting like who you are. deep down there's a person in there, and i love that person no matter how you are on the outside. you've got everything that i need, and you just need to see that.'

"I don't need what you ain't got"

Jets to Brazil – Starry Configurations Lyrics 16 years ago
he really digs this person and they don't notice him. it's like he's just the insignificant thing in everything worth noticeable. his infatuation will just fall for anyone they can dig up, but he isn't noticed, no matter how he tries.

i love this song

Stroke 9 – Angels Lyrics 16 years ago
he's being shielded from the world by their relationship. he can't get out and experience what he'd like, almost as if he's being controlled. he's not feeling it anymore and he doesn't want to have to act like he's taken, because at heart, he isn't.

Stroke 9 – Not Nothin' Lyrics 16 years ago
i think this song is about a couple breaking out because one doesn't appreciate how the other is. he knows its coming, and so he's sitting alone and just thinking about everything. he goes for a walk and is reminded of who he is. he understands that it won't work out because of who he is.

Stroke 9 – Are You In This? Lyrics 16 years ago
It's sad that almost this entire album is about relationships not working out and breaking up... yet I love the CD forwards and back.

I think he's saying that you're the one that's not pulling your weight in the relationship. You're not holding up, and don't try to blame it on me.

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