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The Rocket Summer – So Much Love Lyrics 9 years ago
old news, but I remember Bryce making a comment on Twitter that the "Hats need a beat" IS a drumming reference. High Hats, cymbalish contraption thingy for drums.

Steel Train – Wake Your Eyes Lyrics 9 years ago
It sounds like the song is about a person not able to enjoy life around them because someone they love is sick in ways that are taking a long time to heal or find. "The weeks they just pass and it's easy to guess why I miss them/There are colors inside that I cannot find the words for/The reason we're here it has never shined clear like the water."

Fall Out Boy – This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race Lyrics 15 years ago
I love this song. I'm not a fan on FoB, I can seriously count the number of songs I like on less than a hand (XO, Dance Dance, Grand Theft Autumn), and this song still makes it under 5 songs I like from them. I may have to check out the album.

The Early November – My Lack Of Skill Lyrics 15 years ago
this song is pretty self explanitory: lost a chance, looking for what everyone needs deep down inside, starting over, hoping to find love, and struggling to make it on your own.

I absolutely adore The Mechanic and The Mother. The Path I haven't really given a chance yet.

Jack's Mannequin – Katie Lyrics 15 years ago
it was said in an interview he did with I think I'm sure it'll be a song he'll play between projects. I just like the fact he's got a sister named Katie. It's not everyday one of my favorite artists writes a song for his sister who shares my name. :) his sister Katie is now a household name, thanks to Andrew's immortialization of her in these lyrics. An amazing man, an amazing song, an amazing story.... The lyrical prowess this man posesses is infinate, and this song is just another example.

Thank the Lord for Andrew McMahon.

Dropkick Murphys – Tessie Lyrics 17 years ago
tonight's game was INSANE!

Ortiz is my new best friend, and I'm loving Johnny Damon! :o)


Hellogoodbye – Dear Jamie... Sincerely Me Lyrics 17 years ago
aarruugghh!!!! Can I correct this song, PLEASE?!

SR-71 – Non-Toxic Lyrics 19 years ago
I connect with this song for some reason. Mitch Allen has this way with melody and artistic expression. This whole album is truly amazing and a staple in my CD collection.

Avril Lavigne – Too Much To Ask Lyrics 19 years ago
Ok, for the record, it's not just her writing it, she's got writers she collaborates with. I will agree with those who say that these are way easier to believe and relate to than the cheap thrills bubblegum music gives, these songs are real stories, but they're not just real to one age group. I feel that anyone of competent age can relate to these songs, cause I'm sure there are some 8 year olds that have experienced something similar to this with either parents or siblings or cousins and whatnot. The way she expresses realism is uncanny, something that you don't often come across in youth these days, but keep in mind, it's not just her that writes the words, she does have help.

Josh Groban – You're Still You Lyrics 19 years ago
I feel that this song is about once best friends that experienced everything together till something tragic happened (one friend became more popular than the other, whatnot). The singer still feels passionately about the other party, believing in and supporting everything the other does, still feeling their pain, loving and looking up to everything about them. It's a truly inspirational song. Looking over the lyrics one last time, it could also be about a star, someone people look up to even if the star didn't ask them to.

8 Stops 7 – Question Everything Lyrics 19 years ago
it seems like it's a song about a son that has been sent on an emotional rollercoaster per order of his dad. it seems like the old man comes back to him later on down the road to die, and the son's not sure if he should let him back in his life again cause it just hurts too much to think about it (or he doesn't wanna deal with emotions the thought of the older man brings up). Maybe the son's not sure if he's sad or happy the old man is dying. He doesn't know what he's supposed to feel, how he's supposed to react, or exactly what to do.

The Calling – Could It Be Any Harder Lyrics 19 years ago
I think the only death in this song is the end of a really meaningful relationship (friendship could also be included). The singer seems like they didn't apreciate the time they had with a special someone (neighbor, best friend, lover, whatnot) and now that the other party has gone (died, etc.) the interpreter is finaly realizing what he/she had. It's that age old situation: You don't know what you've got till it's gone. It does seem like the singer would apreciate the person more if they had "one more day", but one more day is just one too many for the inspiration of the song.

BBMak – Out Of My Heart (Into Your Head) Lyrics 19 years ago
I feel it's a nice, surprising, and refreshing change to have Ste sing lead in the first verse for once. A definate needed change for the world of Top 40 music. : o )

John Mayer – St. Patrick's Day Lyrics 19 years ago
I seriously think this song is reminiscent of the "A Walk In The Clouds" (with Keanu Reeves) situation. The setting: Winter. A lonely guy (but not too lonely) happens upon this girl who's cheeks are a shade of pink, but is dressed in powder blue. Say, her car broke down, or they're neighbors that have been eyeing each other for the longest time. They start talking and realize that they need to take someone home for the holidays. They come to a compromise (the chorus). And if they stick with it, totally ride the wave till it crashes against the shore, they'll be in the free and clear come the spring. And the whole plan goes on just so they don't have to go spend another holiday alone getting ragged on by their family and friends. But hey, this is just my opinion, and I'm entitled to it. :o)

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