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Opeth – Blackwater Park Lyrics 16 years ago
Opeth isn't Death metal.

Pearl Jam – Yellow Ledbetter Lyrics 16 years ago
Generally, the explanation about the letter being sent to a family/mother/whoever saying their son/brother/friend/whoever KIA is correct.

Yellow Ledbetter. Switch the 'L' and 'b' and you get Yellow Bedletter, which explains the song.

At this time, PJ was their most popular and they thought that the public would swollow up anything because of their pop status. They wrote this song inpromptly without any officila lyrics so kind of play with everyone. This song is one of their most popular yet the lyrics dont really make any sense and it is written very roughly.

Pearl Jam – Wishlist Lyrics 17 years ago
One of the most beautiful songs - lyrically - by PJ

Tool – H. Lyrics 17 years ago
The struggle between good and evil in all of all. Also, its about how someone very close and dear to us hurts us unintentionally but you cannot stop it because your too 'connected to slip away'...

Tool – 4 Degrees Lyrics 17 years ago
Apparently its four degees warmer in the A-hole, lol

Tool – Eulogy Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is an analogy of Jesus but the real meaning behide it is not about him. Some say it is about Kurt Cobain while others say its about L. Ron Hubbord(sp?).

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