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Boys Night Out – It Won't Be Long Lyrics 13 years ago
Still haven't figured out the first line, sounds like "He kept his craft and something"
I think instead of "news" it's "noose"
and "Man and monsters both make mistakes" instead of "Man is not supposed..."

Forgive Durden – Il Tango Della Signora Frencesco di Bartolommeo di Zanobi del Giocono Lyrics 14 years ago
Her pearls and trap mutter something soft
I whisper back, "You're messin' with the
Big leagues now, hun"
I bite her neck
She begs, "What's in your heart?"
She urges I spill my thoughts
I volunteer nothing but liquid.

I have got centuries
Of teachers before me
I can do anything
But I really can't do anything
You've been our guest tonight
But I dine alone
This can never be a home

The Weakerthans – Left and Leaving Lyrics 17 years ago
StrayCatStyle22, let people live the lives they would like, and in the meantime, live your own and yours alone. And as for The Weakerthans, I'm not biased to any sort of music, but in my mind, I would say the singer for this band is a better songwriter than AFI, who you have on your favorites. As for the music, it fits it, you just don't have the ears for it.

Thursday – Understanding In A Car Crash Lyrics 18 years ago
It's not Thursday, it's Open Hand...

Further Seems Forever – Snowbirds And Townies Lyrics 18 years ago
...the girl in the video looked like the singer for Element 101, or is that just my view?

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