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Trapt – Headstrong Lyrics 16 years ago
actually kickme the originial version said fuck off so get your shit straight

Home Grown – You're Not Alone Lyrics 16 years ago
i love this song. i think it's awesome

Avril Lavigne – I'm With You Lyrics 16 years ago
i am just a huge fan of avril...i connect to alot of her songs..they have such meaning to them..and as for this being a "britney" song i think thats totally wrong. shes got such a great style and to me she is a role model. i have alot of things going on in my life and her music is a release from it really helps me through everything and this song is amazing there is no other words to describe it

Eminem – Hailie's Song Lyrics 17 years ago
i think his voice is fukin awesome. hell i wouldnt mind listening to more of his songs like this. and it truely shows not only his love for his daughter but how talented he really is which most people look past because all the controversy. peace- }}i{{ buttafly }}i{{

Twiztid – Suicide Lyrics 17 years ago
sounds like a really good song..i might just have to download it

Plumb – Damaged Lyrics 17 years ago
i agree i think it is about rape.but idk..for some reason it gives me like a feeling with the verse "Forgiveness for a man who was stronger I was just a little girl, but I can't go back" that it was like a father/father figure who was the rapest but thats just my interpretation.i love the remix of it

Kasey Chambers – Cry Like a Baby Lyrics 17 years ago
wow...i totally relate to this song. its seriously like its written about my life.i feel a sense of comfort wen i finds songs like this that i can really relate to and know that im not the only one who feels this way.

Kasey Chambers – Am I Not Pretty Enough Lyrics 17 years ago
wen i 1st heard this i had just turned on the radio in my moms car and i was like "wut the hell is this" and i went to change it to krock but then i sat there n listened to the song and i totally related to it in my own little way.i am glad my mom had on her radio station 4 once lol

Liquid Zu – R.a.v.e Lyrics 17 years ago
i am really into lz. their a great band.check em out @ thanx.~cryssy

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