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Sonny – Open For Suggestions Lyrics 19 years ago
Sonny is an awesome band that doesn't get the recognition it deserves... though they are still new to the music scene in general so I'm sure if they keep it up with songs written so great (like this one, one of my faves) and the energetic music... they be out there in no time.

Something Corporate – Konstantine Lyrics 19 years ago
fuck yeah i was there in atl too... i was real dissappointed that tjt couldnt make it but soco made up for it, they freaking rule! what a great opener song...

Senses Fail – One Eight Seven Lyrics 19 years ago
well, now they are and im damn happy with it! this is the best song to me from them.... fucking awesome emotion in it....

Name Taken – Motionless Lyrics 19 years ago
this is my favorite song by them too! for being just a couple teenage kids in an emo band... this song has its moments were it sounds kinda darker than most of their other stuff... cant wait for more...

The Juliana Theory – Shell of a Man Lyrics 19 years ago
whatever... yall are too picky... i love Love and Emotion about the same cuz it's not like other things I hear before... hell, they dont even sound like each other!;) and really, why wish for your fave band to release an album identical to their previous one? im glad they tried something different, cuzhey... it works...

The Juliana Theory – Jewel to Sparkle Lyrics 19 years ago
This is one of the best song of off Love... and just about all of the songs are amazing so that says alot for this one... I wanna see them live so bad...

Further Seems Forever – Wearing Thin Lyrics 19 years ago
just heard fsf for the first time... i like them alot... this song is already one of my faves...

Thursday – This Side Of Brightness Lyrics 19 years ago
haha, i like these lyrics and am getting the album as i type this, haha... thursday rocks, but only cuz every tells me so, haha

Green Day – I Want to Be Alone Lyrics 19 years ago
gosh a bunch of these songs by Green Day i havent heard... i'm going on a seach now... cuz they sound really good, especially this one... i know exactly what Billie is saying in this song...

Green Day – Don't Leave Me Lyrics 19 years ago
never heard this song before... but i like the lyrics alot... gues whos gonna download a "certain" song now, hehe...

Dashboard Confessional – Tonight I'll Take What I Can Get Lyrics 19 years ago
i like the acoustic version better. the one with the band sounds like a country round up or something.

Rufio – Road To Recovery Lyrics 19 years ago
I knew I liked this song for a reason... less than five hours ago, my gf broke up with me and basically tole me it was my fault (though she wont think so)... so yeah the last two verses make a lot of sense to me...
"Well love is a bitch all relationships end.
What happens now
When that persons gone.
The one who you thought
You could always count on.
You fall in love
And they fall out.
Love is a bitch.
All realationships end.

How do I let go of a love
That meant so much to me.
How do I go on
When your part of me.
I'm dying inside
Each time i see you.
Don't lose sight of me
Cause yer all i see.
Your still all i see.
This road to recovery has taken all i have."
... maybe i only feel this way because im drunk... but i doubt it cuz im not sleeping tonight and so i bet i will feel this way when i wake up (which will be in the afternoon since its 5:51am now)... why cant i juse find someone who will feel the same way i do without thinking the wrong things?

elizabeth i never used you or wanted you to leave me alone... and if for some reason youre reading this, know that a part of me will love you forever becuase i wasnt just saying that... when i love someone, its forever... and it goes for you too... im sorry i ruined it for the both of us...*sighs*...

No Doubt – Underneath It All Lyrics 19 years ago
i kinda dig this song... reminds me of my gf... of which I'm taking a break of. I wish we weren't but we kinda have to. Me and her want to be with each other, and manage to piss each other off sometimes, too. But like the song says... I think she's lovely underneath it all...:)

The Juliana Theory – You Always Say Goodnight, Goodnight Lyrics 19 years ago
hey, back off fool! ive commented on more TJT songs then you anyways!!! lol. this song is one of my faves from TJT though... it was my num 1 fave but then i actually listened to other stuff from them, and now im all confused... hehe.... its like my head us full of cereal, hehe (whoops! i mean IS)

The Juliana Theory – Do You Believe Me? Lyrics 19 years ago
I love everything Ive ever heard from TJT, I cant find anything bad about them. I just find their musical variety amazing. It fills me with so much emotion sometimes... I dont know what to do. But thats just me...

Midtown – Make This Right Lyrics 19 years ago
I'm trying to find this song online and I cant!:( But I already love the lyrics... hehe. Midtown rules even though theyre goin through some shit right now. I hope it all works out.

Finch – Bury Me Lyrics 19 years ago
yall this song fucking rules! I cant wait for some more new material!!! if yall dont have the studio demo, get it at my friends site:

Stabbing Westward – What Do I Have to Do? Lyrics 19 years ago
Everyone keeps saying this is the story of their lives or some shit... they ned to go out and get another story cuz obviously this song represents a person who doesnt want to continue in this condition and wants to progress through it by action, he's trying to get something done by finally getting the courage to ask someone what they really want... as a song its incredibly good and universally anyone can relate to it (as I do right now at this point in time), but the sad truth is that when you do this.. often no one answers you... and then once again youre left alone...

Lifehouse – Breathing Lyrics 19 years ago
oh and i guess i also wanna say that the song is about Love, and because God basically IS Love, then its basically about him too. Think about it would ya?! Any love song youve ever heard can also relate to God, minus those detailed love songs about marriage and kids or something... lol!:

Lifehouse – Breathing Lyrics 19 years ago
I'm not a BIG fan of Lifehouse or anything, but I do like them and think that they wrote what is possibly one of the most romantic lines I've ever heard... "Cause I want nothing more than to sit outside heaven's door and listen to you breathing." I get the chills when I hear this song for some reason... it's a good one.

Finch – Perfection Through Silence Lyrics 19 years ago
hey just so yall know if yall dont or something...

"what do we get? what will you write?" wrong. he says
"When weakened, when will you rise?"

this is my (one of many) favorite songs by Finch... they fucking rule!:)

Silverchair – No Association Lyrics 19 years ago
This is one of my favorite songs by Silverchair... my favorite lines are
"Who am I?
I don't know, you tell me
You seem to know everything else"

30 Seconds to Mars – Fallen Lyrics 19 years ago
Just downloaded the album, and I plan on buying it when i get the chance, awesome band. This is my second fave song by them. Fave line/s:
"I am not here, I'm not listening
I'm in my head and I'm spinning"

Puddle of Mudd – She Hates Me Lyrics 19 years ago
when i first heard this song, i hated it. but it did stick in my head. that was like a year ago or something. i just downloaded the video for the hell of it and saw it, and i liked it. i think you can like/dislike certain songs depending on what mood youre in. cuz i thought it wasnt that bad.

The Goo Goo Dolls – Big Machine Lyrics 19 years ago
i just heard this song on the radio earlier today and i didnt know the name of it. but i loved the lyrics i heard. i havent been much of a goo goo dolls fan (musically) after "a boy named goo" but they always have been good songwriters.

30 Seconds to Mars – Capricorn (A Brand New Name) Lyrics 19 years ago
i just saw the video and hadnt heard the song yet either, i think these guys rock! i always thought jared leto couldve done something musically since he had a great voice in My So Called Life, but i had no idea it would be this good! i am very surprised and enjoy what i'm hearing from them...

Cold – Strip Her Down Lyrics 19 years ago
I dont think he talks unintelligently. Just cuz the explanation of a song isnt as good as you think doesnt mean its bad. All he said was what it about, plain and simple. And the way they get that across in the song is fucking extraordinary...

Finch – Waiting Lyrics 19 years ago
This was the very first song I heard from Finch. I found it on accident and didnt know who the hell these guys were. I loved this song so much I got more from the band and now, Finch is my favorite band... no question, no doubt. This song still has as much emotion in it now as when it did when I first heard it. I still remember playing it for my friends at school in Winter '01. And I havent gotten tired of any of their stuff yet. I already can't wait for more!
Fave line:
"I've cried my last tears, I'm bleeding out my pain..."
:) ~Mando~

Taking Back Sunday – There's No 'I' In Team Lyrics 19 years ago
i love tbs lyrics and the fact that i know this song's specific story just makes it even more remarkable... its a surprise, his use of words to respond to his "best friend/bf of the gurl he messed with"... and you can tell its heartfelt too... hes hurting also through this... but he keeps his foot where it is ("Well I can't regret, can't you just forget it? I started something I couldn't finish
If we go down, we go down together")...

Fave Part:
"And I've got a twenty-dollar bill
that says you're up late night starting
fist fights versus fences in your backyard
Wearing your black eye like a badge of honor
Soaking in sympathy
from friends who never loved you
nearly half as much as me"

"Don't believe me when I tell you
it's just what anyone would do...
...Don't believe me when I tell you
it's something unforgivable."

And of course the famous one...
"Best friends means I pulled the trigger
Best friends means you get what you deserve."

Brand New – Seventy Times 7 Lyrics 19 years ago
this song is the kind of song made to be remembered... its not about writing songs that everyone can relate to, its about writing personal songs and having everyone relate with you... and even though i cant relate to this song from experience, i sure as hell know that if my best friend slept with my gurl, i would (at one point or another) wish he was dead... its amazing that they got through what they did and remained friends...

Fave part:
"I remember I kept thinking
that I know you never would
And now I know I want to kill you
like only a best friend could."

Orbit – Medecine Lyrics 19 years ago
this song is so bad ass.... i totally didnt know they broke up, now I'm going to go into mourning....

Our Lady Peace – Blister Lyrics 19 years ago
This is my favorite song off of Happiness... I honestly dont know why, haha. OLP rules!!!

Donots – Room With A View Lyrics 19 years ago
Great song. To me it's your basic love song, wanting to share your life with a special someone... through all the bad and good things. Fave line- "There's comfort in the silence when you're near." Donots rock.

Check them out at

PS- yes, they are German.

Donots – Superhero Lyrics 19 years ago
....this was the first song I heard by the Donots, and I loved it. Took me a long ass time to find out the name of the band though cuz it wasnt on the song. thank god I found it though, cuz they rule!!

Donots – Private Angel Lyrics 19 years ago
This is a great song, but the one I had downloaded sounded crappy... I love it and hope they remake it or something...

The June Spirit – The Ivy League Lyrics 19 years ago
This is a kick ass song by The June Spirit. I love how all these bands I'm reading lyrics from on SM are becoming my fave bands just cuz I know what they're talking about. SM and TJS rule!

Bush – In A Lonely Place Lyrics 19 years ago
... and I just noticed this is a cover of a Joy Division song also. Just like "Dead Souls" from NIN on The Crow (the first one) Soundtrack... huh huh, that's cool...

Sick Of Change – All You Are Lyrics 19 years ago
I'm not much into Christian bands or religion for that matter... but this song and it's lyrics just kick so much ass to me...

Nine Days – If I Am Lyrics 19 years ago
I like this song a great deal, I remember how much I liked it the first time I heard it on the radio, prolly cuz it was way better than what was on before them (Destiny's Child), haha... I love that last verse...

"The answers we find,
Are never what we had in mind,
So we make it up as we go along,
I won't mention tommorow,
And we won't make those promises that we can't keep,
I will never leave you,
I will never let you down..."

oh and is it me or could the lyrics have been better without all them damn exclamation points? :)

The All-American Rejects – Swing, Swing Lyrics 19 years ago
dont try to sound like you know it all, man. its on
...anyways, i love this song. i think AAR are very talented and original... not a sound i hear everyday...

"Swing, swing, swing from the tangles of,
my heart is crushed by a former love.
Can you help me find a way to carry on again?"

... i love that whole part.... its already a classic to me...

Dramarama – Anything, Anything Lyrics 19 years ago
Hell yeah, I agree with cactusdave... I heard this song for the first time as a little kid watching one of them damn Nightmare on Elm Street movies (it's played in the background while some kung-fu dude works out) and I always loved that part of the movie just cuz of the song. I never knew the name of the song or artist or anything until I went to the Warped Tour this past weekendand Something Corporate covered this... they were fucking awesome!!! They said the name and I made sure I remembered it, so now I got the original and gonna try to find more from these guys....

Rufio – Stop Whining Lyrics 19 years ago
BNB, it shouldve offended you cuz it called you on your bluff too. i mean, come on... if you had gone throught with it would you be able to bitch about this song???

The June Spirit – The Tad One Dynasty Lyrics 19 years ago
haha... thank you mister obvious! hehe

Better Than Ezra – Desperately Wanting Lyrics 19 years ago
I loved this song for the longest time and never really knew the words...I dont know why... but reading them gives me the chills...

Better Than Ezra – At The Stars Lyrics 19 years ago
... I like the meaning of this song... reminds me of "Stay With Me" by Finch and "A Song For Everyone" by FenixTx, but much prettier... I love the whole driving with your significant other theme... I just wish I had a car...

Punchline – You Mean The World To Me Lyrics 19 years ago
I don't see how in the world you could think that this song is about Jesus or God or whatever. Maybe a line by itself ("You remain - a mystery as i take a look into your eyes") but not the song lyrics as a whole, that's just idiotic to me. Like, you might be a big church-person who relates EVERYTHING to Him. Don't do that, it's annoying. I like God and all but come on...

Punchline – Floor Creature Lyrics 19 years ago
I think this song describes me pretty well. I used to think I wasn't like other people too, that I'm a nice guy... but it's not true. I'm like every other jerk out there who pulls the same stupid mistakes. I can't help it, and I wanna change but it's hard...

Rufio – Face The Truth Lyrics 19 years ago
these lyrics are amazing, I'm actually surprised that they're from Rufio, it's surprising what some punkers can shell out these days! haha. i know lots of people that think these stupid things and really ignore whats right in front of them. we all gotta face the truth, heh....

Silverchair – Suicidal Dream Lyrics 19 years ago
...this song reminds me of me... I think about dying alot, I used to fall asleep to thoughts of different ways I could die.. (I have my fave one picked out already)... I know its not good to think these things... so I guess I do want someone to help me, since I know I can't help myself...

The Starting Line – Saddest Girl Story Lyrics 19 years ago
I like the lyrics to this song more than I actually like this song, haha. Fave part:

"Stop expecting change, he's just a lost cause that you're waiting on.
Take a look around, you could have anyone.
So leave un-deserving him."

I like it cuz everybody sees it. Everyone has seen someone who's with someone who doesn't treat them the way they deserve, but he/she stay with them anyways. This song is actually telling a girl that she can do better, that the guy she's with doesnt deserve her or feel for her the way she does for him. This is prolly coming from some guy who will treat her better. Some girls are just dumb...

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