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The Dickies – Marry Me Ann Lyrics 18 years ago
it is currently (6/17/02) my favorite song, i think it is just a proposal for marriage. i don't like it so much for hte lyrics as he music. if you have heard this song you would agree that it is musical genius. go buy the album, it is awesome.

The Dickies – Donut Man Lyrics 18 years ago
that is not what it is about you fucking pervert. it is about someone who doesn't have much because they give everything they have to help the community. similar to my friend john who works at the local boys and girls club and for other charities, but hardly has enough money to live. fucking blowjobs! what's your fucking problem. pervert.

Inspection 12 – Red Letter Day Lyrics 19 years ago
i think this song is about someone that you think you know when you realize that they have changed and after a period of self examination you realize that you are the one who has changed.

Good Riddance – Fire Engine Red Lyrics 19 years ago
i cant make out what the first part of the song means and i have the cd. but after line 15, i think that it is about someone you know that would do or give anything to put themselves above others or be more successful at something.

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