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Dashboard Confessional – Screaming Infidelities Lyrics 19 years ago
Has anyone realized how goddamn ridiculous these lyrics are? This could be a children's sing along! He works so hard to make everything rhyme, that it has all gone to shit. Then, some parts are just so obviously stupid:

"But as for me I wish that I was anywhere with anyone making out."

That's got to be one of the shittiest lyrics ever created by an "artist."

I hope you people realize how poor this band is.

Rx Bandits – Band-Aid Lyrics 19 years ago
it does seems as though he is commenting on a special girl in his life. but the bandaids are for his soul. i think he's saying it hurts him too see that happen to the girl.

Radiohead – Pyramid Song Lyrics 19 years ago
sounds like definite allusions to Hades. but Radiohead creates feelings from their music and voice. thom's lyrics are often a series of just phrases.

Rx Bandits – Wrong With Me Lyrics 19 years ago
great shit. recognition of social defects in united states. smart rx bandits. lyrics are straightforward.

Rx Bandits – What If Lyrics 19 years ago
i always thought it was never better, never worse. but i could be wrong i guess. but i really doubt it.

Rx Bandits – Analog Boy Lyrics 19 years ago
i love rx bandits because they spread messages like this. the majority of the human race, especially americans have become so fucking dependent on machines; so much that they don't even seem human sometimes. the majority of americans commute 50 miles to work every day; sit in their cubicles for 10 hours, close to committing suicide, then commute the 50 miles home at night to watch their worthless tv shows before they go to bed at night and wake up for another round. everyone should watch the movie Office Space, if they haven't yet.

Saves the Day – Cars And Calories Lyrics 19 years ago
these lyrics aren't very confusing, but they get across one of the best points in this world, that applies to a great number of Americans. Its fucking sad, but there are alot of people that are hollow shells in this world.

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