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Avril Lavigne – Complicated Lyrics 16 years ago
This is my opinion and I'm sorry toward anyone who objects toward me because I"m not looking for a fight (*worried laugh) ... Quite personally I don't like her. Because throughout the whole video the whole thing is centered around her instead of a real story line. And I've heard many (not too nice) things about her "ego".

Also.... well..... In the video she's obviously trying to show all this big punk type of look and everything and show she's a rocker, when what comes out of her mouth is poser punk. She trying to be what she's not. It's a bit annoying how hard she trys to be "punk" in the video.

well that's just my opinion... again SORRY to whoever loves her.

Sum 41 – Motivation Lyrics 16 years ago
such a song makes you want to sit on your ass all day! :D

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