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Paramore – Misery Business Lyrics 11 years ago
Wow! Intense! I love it! This song just is amazing! From he lyrics, to the vocals, to the music, they got this one down.

Favorite line:
"I watched his wildest dreams come true
Not one of them involving you"

It almost sounds like she is with someone, whose ex was mean to him, or cheated (the whole whore thing!) This line is just amazing. It's almost like she is saying "ive been there for all the best things in his life, and not once did he look back, or did it involve you!"

Love it!

Paramore – Born for This Lyrics 11 years ago
Amazing song! The vocals are just perfect! I think this song is about them saying to people who want to talk shit that they dont care!

"We don't want your headlines" is perfect, cause it just says, we dont need your support, to be successful!

Can't wait for RIOT!!! :)

Coheed and Cambria – Time Consumer Lyrics 15 years ago
Nuff with eFFing Labels...who cares what Emo or Screamo or even eFFing MeMO..damm music is music, if you like it, like it, if you dont then cover your eFFing ears...take it or leave suckas!

xoxo Ellie

Brandston – Leaving Ohio Lyrics 15 years ago
no one has commented on this song...its an amazing song...i def recommend to dload the song if your still here staring at the lyrics...

Brand New – The Shower Scene Lyrics 15 years ago
"It's funny how your worst enemies always seem to
turn out to be all of your
best friend's"

First line in the song is so effing true. In the end they really do...

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