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The Offspring – Gone Away Lyrics 6 years ago
@[livedreamincolor:1209] Sad to hear :( I hope nearly 3 years later things are easier.

Killswitch Engage – The Arms of Sorrow Lyrics 7 years ago
I relate to your interpretation. How true it is to the intended meaning notwithstanding, yours is the one I feel the most. +1

Megadeth – Endgame Lyrics 9 years ago
Dave Mustaine is a conservative. He's talking about Obama. By the way Obama has done many extreme things in his presidency....

Yellowcard – Hang You Up Lyrics 9 years ago
Does anyone else get panic attacks when reading these lyrics? Truthfully, I just don't want to feel alone. The themes this song is dealing with are pretty much my worst nightmares in life. One of the most tragic kinds of losses...

The Protomen – Keep Quiet Lyrics 9 years ago
My favorite lyric is "You're gonna have to do better than fear! You're gonna have to step out of the shadows and fight!!!!" It can be interpreted two different ways if you isolate the line. Could be him talking to himself trying to psyche himself up and not be afraid (this is how I interpreted it at first) or obviously he's telling his antagonist that its going to take more than intimidation to discourage him from reaching victory. I like the first one even though its not really correct. It helped get me out of a panic attack. Told me things were going to be fine, all I have to do is stop fearing.

The Marshall Tucker Band – Can't You See Lyrics 9 years ago
This has just happened to me. I feel like I'm having a mental breakdown.

Hanson – Me, Myself and I Lyrics 9 years ago
I agree.

Hanson – Thinking 'Bout Somethin' Lyrics 9 years ago
This song is amazing, I can't believe there aren't more comments here. The video is great as well. This is the kind of song that can make anyone happy after feeling played, used, mistreated or betrayed.

The Donnas – Who Invited You Lyrics 9 years ago
I based a solo I recorded off the style of this solo. I love The Donnas! They inspire me!

The Donnas – Like An Animal Lyrics 9 years ago
best lines of the whole song (to me):
"Don't bother saying please
If you want to ravage me yeah!"

I love that.

The Donnas – Smoke You Out Lyrics 9 years ago
"So slide under the cover of a cystal ride" should be "So slide under the cover of a crystal coated ride"

missed the "coated" sorry guys :(

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