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Radiohead – Creep Lyrics 13 years ago
I don’t care what Thom Yorke says. If he’s too stupid to even realise the message behind a song that he wrote he shouldn’t be trying to look deep into songs meanings and should instead listen to his Britney Spears records.

This song is him apologising to the nation for writing this song.

“And I wish I was special
You're so fuckin' special”
This is him saying that he wish he was special and had talent.

”But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo.
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here.”
This is about the radio and mainstream media. He is saying he doesn’t belong on the radio, he’s just some weirdo who can’t sing. He doesn’t belong on the radio, his singing is that bad even the radio shouldn’t play it.

“I don't care if it hurts”
This is the only line where he declares he doesn’t care how bad this song is and wants to torture as many people as possible. He has since made a career of this, one the Shaggs could never hope to match. Other wise, this could possibly be about his castration, which he had so he could sound like he does.

“I want to have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul”
Here he is again, asking God for talent. He wants control over the press so they will write him good reviews so people with no individuality will buy all their records because it makes them seem intelligent.

“She's running out the door,
She's running out
She's run run run running out...”
This describes what people do when this song comes on the radio and at concerts and when he tries picking up girls at a bar.

The stupid thing is, if he hadn’t have written this song, apologising for writing it, he wouldn’t have to apologise.

Thom Yorke has said in many interviews that he hopes the world social order collapses and we are all reduced to savages living in the fields with no laws or religion to hold us down as we hunt for food and fun where only the fittest survive in a land of murder and chaos (OK Computer addresses this issue too.) That is what happens when you get picked on at Oxford University by the local group of snooty chavs. Apart from Creep, all their songs are about killing God for creating a ‘Creep’.

FYI To defeat god, you need to buy a shotgun and fire it into heaven and hope you shoot her. So far I’ve only managed to give her a slight case of brain damage.

Tool – Hooker with a Penis Lyrics 13 years ago
To me personally, this song makes me think about how everything is a product. He probably wrote it as a reaction to how stupid he found being called a ‘sell-out’ though.

In our current society, we need to get jobs in order to make money and survive. At the end of the day, this is MJK’s job. MJK makes music to put food on the table. The primary purpose of making this song, indeed every song they have released, is to make money. There may be a message, but that message is only a secondary purpose for making this song.

MJK is a sell-out. Every musician is a sell-out. The main reason to pick up their instruments or pull out their pen in the first place is so they can earn money. They care more about surviving by earning money than entertaining you. However, it’s good to know you entertain people too. Take a look at that Ænima CD and picture this. That isn’t piece of art full of deep meaning, that is a product used to make MJK money. In our society, everything is a product. That monitor in front of you. The designer of that created it for the purpose of making money. That table, that TV, that lamp, that window, your house, everything you eat. Everything is a product designed for the fundamental purpose to make the creator money. The news doesn’t report stuff you need to know, it reports stuff you will be interested so you will tune in so companies will give them money for advertising space so you will know about their products so you can buy.

If you don’t want to feed ‘the man’ in any way and not be a sell-out. Follow these steps.
1: Give away all their processions (including their clothes) and money
2: Move into a place where our species have not inflicted their plague of ‘modern society’ on and live there. I recommend the jungle.
3: Start a new life and live one with the animals, carefree from the pressure of the system. You've probably got the best idea acutally.

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven Lyrics 13 years ago
The meaning behind this song is the same as the meaning of most songs on this website. What was the main purpose to write this song? To entertain? To deliver a message? The love of creating music? Maybe so, but the reason to do this in the first place is to earn money. The others are merely secondary reasons to do so.

Maybe this song has no message behind it. It just sounds nice and will get Led Zeppelin a lot of money to lie back on and laugh at the poor folk like you.

When you are holding a Led Zeppelin CD, you are not holding anything that holds any deep meaning. You are holding a mere product, not art, which is merely a tool to get Led Zeppelin rich.

Led Zeppelin would rather you buy a copy of their album and burn it than if you were to listen to it for free and appreciate every note and lyric. They care more about the money than they do about their fans.

Music is an art form and it has transformed into another way to part fools with their money. The situation is getting worse nowadays because of MTV. They treat music as a fashion accessory and ‘artists’ as gods and care more about their fancy jewellery and celebrity status than their so-called ‘art’.

The meaning of Stairway to Heaven was to make Led Zeppelin rich, and it worked.

Cannibal Corpse – Entrails Ripped From A Virgins Cunt Lyrics 13 years ago
How do you know they are not Christians? All Christians are obsessed with gore. Have you ever read the Bible? It's full of gore, violence, blood, murder, suffering, rape and death. The more gory, the more us Christians love it.

Christians even have a man nailed to a block wood, slowly dying, as their symbol. That is dedication to suffering.

New Order – Leave Me Alone Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is about the annoying goth that used to follow New Order around before they got famous. He would constantly whine and complain about how awful his life is and would stalk New Order everywhere they went. There wasn’t one show where he didn’t get up on stage, punch the lead singer in the face, take over the mic and complain about his life to the crowd, whom would all leave. He was destroying their career with his whining and not singing the songs that New Order were going to perform.
“You get these words wrong “

“We live always underground
It's going to be so quiet in here tonight
A thousand islands in the sea
It's a shame”
These lyrics express how little of their audience was left because of that freak.

These lyrics are about telling this annoying creature to get lost
”For these last few days leave me alone
But for these last few days leave me alone
Leave me alone
Leave me alone”
Although he never listened.

One of his main complaints being “I had sex with another woman and for some unknown reason, my wife is angry at me. What did I do to her?”

Luckily, New Order had found his weakness and positioned multiple lights around the arena.
One day, he just disappeared. No one knows what happened. However, he inspired million upon millions of people whose entire purpose of existence is to be as miserable and whiney as he was. They look up to him as the hero of misery and aspired to be just like him.

The moral of the story. If you’re going to be miserable, don’t drag down other people who have a future of making happy music for the masses.

Slipknot – People = Shit Lyrics 13 years ago
The greatest love song of all time. Slipknot have written some moving pieces in their time and this surpasses all exquisiteness on Earth. When I first listened to this soothing harmonious oeuvre I felt the holy spirit grab me and show me the gates of heaven. Many find Slipknot’s lyrics to be too deep to understand but I’m here to help you. I at an exam once in Junior school so I have an I.Q. Qhich makes my intelligentness highs.

“Understand I can’t feel anything
It isn’t like I wanna sift through the decay
I feel like a wound
Like I got a fokengon against my head
You live when I’m dead”
These beautiful lyrics will live in my heart forever. He is expressing how he has no feelings except for love in this beautiful world god has created for us. He doesn’t want to be in a world of decay, that is why we must all love each other. A fokengon is a wooden monuments early Christians used to keep god on their minds.

“Blood on my face and my hands and I don’t know why, I’m not afraid to cry, But that is none of your business”
Refers to how, when we are first born, we have original sin, however we can remove these by putting our heart into god.

“People=shit [x4]
(what you gonna do)
(I’m not afraid of you)
(I’m everything you’ll never be)”
‘Shit’ is an Acronym for ‘Spiritual Harmony is True’ We are all souls placed on this Earth to live in harmony. We are Spiritual Harmony is True….whatever that means, but I’m not the brilliant mind that wrote this piece.

Slipknot love god and all his creatures. In one interview they stated “We are shocked at what mindless dribble of moral depravity is shown on MTV. There is no soul or spiritual connection to god in anything. Britney Spears is a bad example to young girls. Did you know she sometimes wears less than 3 layers of clothes? Some girls even speak their mind even though in the bible it is forbiddian (1 Timothy 2:11) MTV is turning us into fools (Matthew 5:22, Matthew 23:17, Luke 11:40) God loves you, god loves me, god loves you no matter who you are (1 Thessalonians 2) so we started this group to bring people back to god. We wear the masks because we are ugly. I get holy water thrown on me when go to Church. God is amazing, he is perfect in every way except he can’t play chess, he really sucks at that. Anyway, God wants your soul….he wants to devour it and destroy you and enslave you by tricking you into believing in him when you will become his zombie slave for all eternity and….I mean, god loves you and wants you to get into heaven.

When it comes to Love ballads for god, Slipknot are greatest band of all time. Avoid Dream Theater, all they do is scream about random shit. Please learn to love your fellow man (not women, they are inferior to us) to avoid hell. It is hot in here and it’s full of lawyers.

The Jackson 5 – ABC Lyrics 13 years ago
This is the most distasteful, disgusting song ever written! A.B.C is an anagram for ‘Abducting Blind Children’ and this song is about how easy it is to kidnap them. “A B C, easy as 1 2 3” “ -baby- you and me” Their father wrote all their songs and this is about how he would abduct random children from the local Blind Home and…put simply, have you ever seen that movie ‘Jeepers Creepers’?

Mr. ‘Bunnytail’ Jackson (As he liked to be called.) caught the Jackson 5 in a small cage mainly used for monkeys. Being squashed up together, Bunnytail would torture them with compact drills, lighters and penknives and would cut them open each time their performed poorly.

Why are the Jackson 5, considering their age, singing lyrics such as ‘Shake it, shake it baby, come on now. Shake it, shake it baby, oooh, oooh. Shake it, shake it baby, yeah.’ There is something deeply disturbing about that.

(WARNING!!!: Incredibly overused cliché ahead.)

Singing songs like this should have given us a hint about Michael’s future activies (He is guilty, the courts prove nothing.) Then again, this is from the same generation that didn’t know George Michael was gay. I am so witty because I, unlike most of the population, made a joke about Michael Jackson being a paedophile, but he deserves it.)

HIM – Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart Lyrics 13 years ago
It has come to my attention that my previous comment was highly misleading. I know because I have received e-mails with comments like “Let us listen to the music we like, we don’t all enjoy what you enjoy.” I didn’t explain very well. I don’t care what you listen to.

Seriously, I knew someone who did this, she loved the first three bands I mentioned. Then, she joined….THEM! That same day, she hated the bands she loved and only listened to music with that label. She heard Bauhaus and hated it, but when I said it was a gothic band the very next day she bought some of their CDs and declared herself their biggest fan. She doesn’t care about the sound, the lyrics or anything that makes a band unique or special. She only listens to them because they are gothic, which I know people for which this pisses them off as they listen to it for the ‘musicial value’, not a label. Same with Jhonen Vasquez and Tim Burton. I don’t like HIM but I have nothing about the wrist slitting, depressed, wannabe-dark scum of the universe.

However, I don’t care if people think I think that all people should listen to my music. After all, my opinion is superior to yours because I am me and you are not. The reason I am writing this is because my previous comment could mislead people into thinking I am stupid enough to listen to Queen. I HATE Queen more than I hate my parents (and I’m a Linkin Park fan so that’s a bloody lot.)

The following is a list of reasons why Queen sucks.
1: The lead singer wasn’t a heterosexual
2: Each song contains no gutair solos that last for 3 minutes, this proves all classical, jazz and blues music sucks too.
3: The band isn’t Linkin Park.
4: The lead singer was gay.
5: They had a hit in the Top 40 which means they are sellouts and suck.

(I really do hate Queen.)

HIM – Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart Lyrics 13 years ago
Beautiful lyrics. When I became a gothic, it is written that I am required to buy and listen to all of HIMs albums whether I like them or not. So I threw out all my Led Zepplin, Radiohead and Beatles records and bought every HIM, Lacuna Coil, Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Sister of Mercy album ever made so I can sulk into my faux-misery, put on fag clown make-up and cut up my arms. I am individual because I dress in all black even though my friends do it and I stole this look from the Cure anyway. I only buy albums by bands labelled by Goth even if it doesn’t sound Goth or even good.

Being a gothic means I’m in the group of the only people who isn’t totally stupid (Even though most are because most aren’t me, I am so intelligent I even have an I.Q.) True happiness is a lie. We are all just a biological soul-less build up of chemicals, nothing more than a machine programmed by nothing. Every emotion we feel is merely the chemicals in our brain telling us how we feel and is nothing to do with outside world. When we die, all our memories and experiences would have meant nothing and our ever having existed would be totally void. So it is pointless even attempting to find happiness because we are nothing to anything and soon all that will remember us will be dead also, leaving not even a memory of our existence because it truly means nothing. God is impossible, look at the world, it isn’t perfect dispite what people may say. We all the mutations that happen this shows the choices of evolvtion experimenting

Intelligent people like me are miserable all the time. The stupider you are, the happier you are. Have you seen how happy retards are? They are always jumping around, smiling and not drowning in their own misery. This is because they don’t have the power of think and therefore understand the truth.

Anyway, to the song’s meaning. Ville Valo must be very intelligent because even with all his fame, money and girls wanting to bone him he remains a miserable chap.

“Never let me see your smile” refers to how we should all be miserable and never find happiness so that we only listen to miserable music and buy more of HIMs records. Smiling is a lie, we can smile and feel empty inside. Expressing ourselves on the outside is a lie. I hate my life but I want to be alive so I can complain about how much I hate my life to people and scare old people. I hate non-goths, they are so happy and retarded and don’t understand that they should be miserable.

“Let me be self dead and gone” is a truly brilliant line. He wants to be dead but is remaining alive just long enough to

Most HIM songs have the theme of ‘Let’s die together’ this is referring to the mass suicide he is organising for all the Goths on 31th October 2005 when we will all kill ourselves and leave this shit world to all the retards, that’ll teach them for being stupid. I urge all fellow Goths to join us, if they want to be happy, those assholes can be happy.

Have you read any Jhonen Vasquez comics? DON’T! He has JOKES in them. (I don’t expect many Goths to know the meaning of this word, type it in at dictionary. com. I didn’t know what it meant until I watched Beetlejuice with a friend.) In short, jokes are something people use to make people laugh. (Laughing is a positive emotion that isn’t miserable and is a horrible side effect of happiness, truly the most evil emotion of all time.)

I have to watch the Crow now, I having seen it for nearly a week. May Satan be with you in all your hearts.

(The heartagram is a work of genius and is definetly not a pussification of a pentagram.)

P.O.D. – Abortion Is Murder Lyrics 13 years ago
I have the highest degree in music and psychology from Oxford in England. I have studied the hidden meanings behind songs for over 20 years with many professionals and I once got a ‘good job’ sticker at my special school. However, I still don’t know what this song is about. Why must they speak in riddles and just come out with what they have to say.

My friend has a theory about what it may be about. ‘Abortion’ of course being Portuguese for ‘Suicide’. ‘Murder’ being English for ‘Fun. So ‘Suicide is Fun’, this is an irresponsible message to be sending the youth of today. However, ‘suicide is fun’ if you record this phrase in a Scottish accent with the letter T at the front of each word and played it backwards. It says ‘Humanity will evolve.’ Anyone who would have read the poem by Franz Piterulias Hermerinberg of the same name would know this song is about mankind evolving into gods and killing the one who was once their lord and throws him out of heaven who will decay slowly for all eternity in the grounds he created while all he created is finally happy and god is left miserable, powerless and alone. P.O.D must really hate Religion.

I urge all fellow Christians to boycott this filth. As a Satanist though, I applaud this work. To all of you that think this song is about dead babies, it isn’t. Read this and know you have failed at like.

Me: 1 - You: 0

P.S Pre-life and Pro-choice are both stupid. 'Pro-Mandatory Death for all Fetuses' is the best! Thw world is too overcrowded.

Avril Lavigne – Sk8er Boi Lyrics 13 years ago
You people seem to know good music. Who cares if it isn’t punk, some of us just like pop music as it makes me happy. However, as it stands this is pop with raw punk. The tradional punk snobs just can’t handle that this is populat.

I’m sick of people who can’t handle Avril Lavigne. She is the greatest punk rocker of all time. Okay, her music and videos seem a bit ‘poppy’ to people who don’t understand them. If you’d ever taken the time to see her on stage, you’ll see that she makes GG Allin seem the Pope. Half the parents took their children out after witnessing her grotesque acts. If you name another punk rocker who dismembers live policemen on stage and eats their insides then I have yet to learn of their existence. In fact, everything GG Allin has done has been toppled by this queen of Anarchy.

The only person who can beat her was probably was the drummer who beheaded himself with a nail-file live on stage as the crowd cheered. From dropkicking members of the crowd to covering herself in sheep’s blood and actually calling upon the good lord Satan to fly around the room to have sex with all the virgins. As the pits of hell opened up, the room caught on fire, burning the band alight who still continued playing. Satan is very nice considering though, he gave me a biro as a souvenir before tearing my left arm off.

Avril Lavigne doesn’t just torture the crowd thankfully, she does the same to herself. Who else would swallow a live grenade and pluck out both her eyes with a screwdriver. Towards the end, a riot broke out and she threw razorblades to the crowd so they should start cutting each other. Only 130 people were killed this time so it didn’t feel like a proper Avril show while she threw dismembered limbs at the crowd. So before you accuse her of being ‘bubblegum pop’ and ‘mild’, watch her live on stage if you dare.

And to the people who say I never discuss the songs meanings, I’m just doing what everyone else is doing, using this site as a spam forum and writing down the first nonsense that comes to my head. I have a mental disease that prevents me from thinking for myself, it is called ‘Tony Blair Syndrome’. Please do not critcise this, would you insult a child’s intelligence if he had Down’s Syndrome? Please be kind to me and donate some money to me.

In closing, tonight my prayers will be for the poor lad in hospital with brain damage after the show.

Linkin Park – Papercut Lyrics 13 years ago
Chester said in one interview with “I was doing some looking through my diary I made when I was fifteen to find something that my parents did that really ticked me off so I could write a song about it. Then, alas, my little pinky finger collided with page and grazed me. Yes, I couldn’t believe my terrible luck, while other luckier than me or dying of hunger, I had in fact gotten, A PAPERCUT!?!?! I was shocked and confused. This piece is about how I feel when I got that papercut. Angry, confused, scared, sad, bitter and abused. I felt so many emotions at once, I knew I had to compose some beautiful lyrics to this deeply spiritual event.”

Chester continues “Did I tell you how much I hate my parents? My mum actually asked me to take out the garbage once when she broke her back when I used her as a trampoline. The nerve of that female, I am ashamed of being brought into world from. When I was five years old, I asked my father if I could borrow his gun so I could shoot him in the face and he said no!?!? The nerve of some people (I did it anyway though) The face refers to my overprotective single mother, she was everywhere. She was there in the morning to get me up for school and she was sometimes there when I got back if she wasn’t out working to buy me toys. She never left me time to be me. That is why I started this band, so I could tell the world how evil she was. She never used to laugh when I failed or ‘fell’ but I want people to feel sorry for me so we can get a load of followers to hate our parents and, with enough power, hopefully overthrow the current government and kill them all for ever wanting us to be part of a society that failed US. Have you ever seen that movie Logan’s Run?”

The interviewer responds “No, sorry can’t say that I hav…”

Chester interrupts “Silence you festering ulcer on the lip of the planet! You speak too gosh darn much. Stop whining you wimp or I’ll get my lawyers to sue you! I have lawyers and six of them are called Charlie so you have no chance to defeat my elite army of darkness. You’ve had your moment in the sun, this is my time to shine, my generation, have you heard that song?”

Interviewer responds again “Yes, The Who are my favo…”

Chester interrupts yet again “SHUT UP! Who asked for your opinion anyway, and who are the Who? They sound like a bunch of amateur wimps called the Who. I’m talking about Limp Bizkit, he is so hardcore. He once composed a piece that had the ‘F’ word forty-six times? I’m angry at you, I’m going to visit my mum so I can yell at her for raising me to be a bitter old man and watch her cry and hopefully she’ll attempy suicide again. I will spit in your face now because you are poor like our angst teen bopping fans.”

Interviewer screams “ARRGGGH!! It is like poison acid burning through my skull.

Chester laughs menacingly “Foolish human! Nothing can stop the race of the Blorg, we will crush your dimension and rule with an iron fist of pain and suffering and pain and maybe some more suffering. Bow down before your new god of hate!”

This was a real interview with Chester, I urge all of you to boycott all his albums, protest outside all his shows and when you see him walking down the street headbutt him hard. He is arrogant, cruel to his mother, disrespectful to his fans and also an brain sucking alien from the outer realms of the Gerxyoius galaxy.

Hanson – MMMBop Lyrics 13 years ago
I listen to what has been scientifically proven to be superior music to you. This means that not only am I smarter, healthier, fitter and stronger than you. It also means that my life is greater than yours and I will become much more successful than you. Check the rest of the internet, good taste in music is the ultimate sign in superiority.

This classic art/music shows progressive music finally perfected. Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Yes and Limp Bizkit are also good examples of progressive. Hanson really shows that girls can do much better music than boys. FOOLS! Stop wrongly stating that this is a mere, although fun to listen to ‘teeny bopping’ ‘boy’band. This is true art and if you feel to see the deepness it processes and only enjoy on a basic level you not true Hanson fans. If you look into it, you will enjoy on another level too.

Having passed an Art degree test on the internet, I am further enlightened in all that is the cultured side of life. This isn’t just a simple song about relationships, further analyze divulges the core of essence. That we love all that is around, but is are love a waste, but is it truly real? This song comes from the 11th Century’s leading Armenian author, Ghazar Kocharian, concept that there is only true entity in existence and that all other things are a figments of its imagination. An example of this would be, in a dream, all the people you meet and places you go are not real. They are created by your mind. Relate this to all existence and reduce the number of true individuals to ‘one’. ‘Bop’ of course, is Latin for ‘delusion’ and ‘mmm’ being the sound you make while you are thinking. Thus, ‘Mind Delusion’

This song is meant to have many different meanings, everyone I know has misinterpreted this masterpiece, even Hanson misinterpreted their own song stating it was about “How people are looking for love in all the wrong place such as friends, family and television and that real love can only be received from the one true religion ‘Luciferian’, let the lord accept your eternal soul and forever submit yourself to him.”
Foolish mortals, only I have successfully interperated the true meaning behind this piece, even the original artist was fooled.

Now knowing the truth, I hate to break it all to you, but you are merely but figments in my mind. I am undeniably the only true entity in all existence and my mind has created you all to create this world just for me. Existence began with me and will end with me. As you undoubtedly have already known, I am god, I created all that you see. I am going to jump off a cliff now, thus erasing you all from existence just so I can laugh at you. So long suckers.

Eminem – Cleaning Out My Closet Lyrics 13 years ago
Wonderful, another classic from truly the greatest rapper since Milli Vanilli.

Marshall Mathers often ‘steals’ his ideas from 19th century goth poetry. Eminem’s whining about his horrible, lonely, rich, lost soul is brought into even more view in this classic song from the famous goth-rapper. Roger Alan Painter, famous goth writer, wrote the poem ‘Cleaning out my Closet’ with verses nearly identical. When Roger Alan Painter wrote the poem, it was about the woe and depression of realising there is no god and no point in living and he is ‘clearing out’ the false memories in his life. Eminem reinterperated this to be thw woe and depression of realising there is no god and no point in living and also, his mother is a bit of a bitch. ‘Mama’ being a methophor for god who created this earth. He is apologising for believing in him and asking for forgiveness about removing her from his life. It is ironic that the chours is ‘I’m sorry mama’ and the verses are like ‘And Hailie's gettin' so big now, you should see her, she's beautiful. But you'll never see her, she won't even be at your funeral.’ In the video he is both digging a grave in a cemertary and praying in a satanic church (Look at the pentagrams in the background) the two favourite hang outs for goths.

Eminem even had the gothest goth, Marilyn Manson, appear in his video ‘The Way I Am’ and has dressed up like him in ‘My Name Is’ to show the world his untimely gothness. Eminem’s fifth studio album “Dead to the World” is already in the works and two demos ‘The Angels love my pain” and ‘My God of Hate Fills my Black Soul with his Poison’ have already leaked onto the internet. Eminem has changed his appearance greatly, put on some mascara, paled up his face even more and is now constantly dressing up like a vampire. Many of my acquaintances foolishly believe that Eminem isn’t a goth and is just a rap. This is nonsense, have you heard how much Eminem whines and complains even though he is rich? He must therefore, be a goth.

If you like Eminem and you are interested in other forms of goth music such as Bauhaus, The Cure, Christian Death, and Hanson. If you want good music though, try Classical and appreciate the cultured side of life. Cannibal Corpse’s 11th Symphony truly is the greatest musical work of all time.

50 Cent – Candy Shop Lyrics 13 years ago
Picturesque imagery is used throughout this artistically prose masterpiece. In many years time, we will have forgotten Beethoven and Mozart with the extraordinary ‘Curtis Jackson’ taking their place as a artistically musically inspiring legend.

Profoundly exquisite libretto expressed within these sonnets of cavernous profundity, innit. Never before has a tribute to the works of 16th century Lithuanian literature writer ‘Dr. Gregorius Alias Schmalstieg’ been done with such bravura. Famous author of the landmark novel ‘Archaic Hallucination of the Contemporary’ In which the Angel of Life and the Angel of Death fight after disagreeing on who shall live or die, what follows in the mortal world being spontaneous combustion, random zombie resurrection and panic.
Of course, as always with Curtis Jackson, this is more than just a simple tribute. He has taken inspiration from Dr. Schmalstieg’s work and made it his own.

He is telling the story from the point of view from the ‘Angel of Death’ (I know, because [1] He is ALWAYS talking about killing [2] When people I know hear his art, they think about suicide) and Olivia is the ‘Angel of Life’ The ‘Candy Shop’ refers to the battleground used ‘The gateway between Heaven and Hell’. “I'll let you lick the lollypop” - ‘lollypop’ being the name of the soul devouring energy releashed from the ‘Excruciation Holy Rocket Launcher’ just like in the original 16th century novel.

If you read through this, you can see their talk of competition. Some people I know think I’m looking into this song too deeply but they are just common paupers who graduated from public school brainwashed (I didn’t go to any school because daddy paid them to let me pass my exams because more intelligenter than you all.)

Fifty Cent has expressed in many interviews his love for the finest of art culture, and has since opened a gallery containing his complete collection of original portraits of the entire current Royal Family of Russia who wishes to share with the public so that all his ‘retarded, filthy chav fans who think they are black but they just mindless, brainwashed white scum with no f**king lives (His words, not mine)’ can appreciate the more cultured side of life.

Trio – Da Da Da Lyrics 13 years ago
Some say I’m not very good at figuring out the meaning behind songs but I consider myself rather clever in this area. After all, my I.Q is only 45 away from triple figures.
From what I can tell, he is telling us a story of an event that occurred when he was 17, if you have read his autobiography you would know. At first glance, I understand, it looks like just another meaningless song but beyond the metaphors and dark imagery lays the event of one faithful day to this sad man, Trioman (The lead singer, poet and writer of this beautiful art piece)
It goes something like this…

It begins when Trioman is walking down the street and sees a man drowning in a lake with no one around to help him. Rather than help or call someone to help, he just walks on. The next day, he is full of guilt as he just left another human being to die. After a week of guilt, he sees whatever done is done and tries to forget about it. He then talks about how nice his pickle sandwich was that day for the next four minutes. He then becomes a cop and brings down the criminal syndicate of Don Don Governdon. Then the Elvis Impersonating cyborgs from the 4th dimension of Yxguepz arrive at Earth and declare themselves world leaders, turning most of humanity into lounge furniture for use by the evil aliens. It was up to Trioman to go into the alien spacecraft and destroy it from the inside. He sets off the detonator but accidentally makes the Earth implode. So it is up to him and Hulk Hogan and Mr.T to go back a week before this happened using Dr. Mepholus’ time machine. Midway through time though, the machine explodes and Hulk Hogan and Mr.T are erased from existence. Trioman is left in a lake drowning, he can see someone familiar looking in the distance but he won’t help him and he dies a horrible death.

While other musical ‘artists’ are writing immature bubblegum pop for the masses, true art like this telling us events from the artists life are ignored. This artist lets NOTHING (Not even death) get in the way of writing such a beautiful song (When has Ian Curtis written about his suicide? Never! Why? Because he’s too lazy.) Look deeper into this masterful poem and expand your mind.

Marilyn Manson – Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes Lyrics 13 years ago
“Kill your god, Kill your TV” refers to how we see television, how it tell us what to believe and forces a fake identity upon ourselves, how it is evil and we should ignore its influence (MM got rich and famous from MTV.) If we kill the god inside our TV, we can learn to appreciate the god outside of TV, the one true Christian God. Brian Warner has shown his love for the LORD, the Son and the Holy Ghost. (Please shout ‘LORD’ whenever reading that word in full caps, it shows how much you love our creator, no matter how strange your parents think are you and get you committed.)

”God is love, and Jesus is the path we walk into him. All my art has messages hidden behind them telling us that we should give into the love of the lord otherwise we are giving our love to Lucifer, Satan, The Devil, Dubya or whatever you wish to call him.” If this song is played backwards, one can make out the words “Jesus is the light, follow it into the warm sun of the LORD before Satan burns you” and “You can hate me all you want because I know the LORD loves me, and he loves you too even if you hate him too.”

“Violence for the people, give the people what they need.” This shows how we as a species are always inflicting pain upon each other, unlike other animals and how it’s always ‘violence for the people’ but we need to ‘give the people what they need’ and that is faith in the LORD. Brian Warner has said he wants to convert as many would-be Satanists to Christianity as possible, just like he once said “I hope I am remembered as the person who brought an end to Satanism.” He isn’t even a true ‘Satanist’, for those who don’t know, LeVoy Satanism isn’t about worshipping the devil, it is a trick name for a branch of Christianity which they both devised together to try and lure children away from Satan and into the hands of the LORD.

As a TRUE Satan worshipper, I find this utterly disgusting. I’m so glad angst teenagers came to their senses and stopped listening to this and now listen to Emo, truly the Devil’s music.

Daft Punk – Around the World Lyrics 13 years ago
Lyrical Genius, a true poet in the heart of this post-human being (Far superior to normal humans.) Having gotten a degree in junior engineering and a award for being the most behaved all week from ‘The Lanchesterian Junior institute for children with special needs’ I consider myself gifted, like it said, I am special.

This song uses Ancient Aztec Mythology as a metaphor to outline how some of us are too busy worrying about death to enjoy life. How the existence of a god in our minds have made us believe in an afterlife and how we let this thought control us and, so that we are rewarded in death for something that may be fiction, we kill many innocent people and destroy the life we know does exist and as a result never enjoy it, all for what may be a lie.

As a result, this piece of art has been the target of much religious gunfire. But many artists suffer for their work, such as Leonardo Van Helsing, who for his art once crucified his daughter upside in a church that he set on fire in 1692 (Although he was let off when the judge admitted she was a little annoying at times.) This was not made to ridicule Christians’ beliefs, or even tell Christians what to believe. No, this was to teach us all that there is more to life than the hope of the afterlife. Feast on life while the diner is open, for tomorrow, it is converted into a Starbucks.

Of course, this is just how I interperate this masterpiece, this song speaks to many lyrically on so many different levels. However, being a strict Catholic, this deeply offends and I will be joining my colleagues in getting this filth banned. I don’t want to worry about life, the afterlife is more fun. You get to play squash with Albert Einstien and laugh at Gaudi (Who is in hell for not being a Catholic.)

Cannibal Corpse – Entrails Ripped From A Virgins Cunt Lyrics 13 years ago
When I played this at the nursery to the children before I got fired, no one saw the lyrically depth to it. They just saw an ‘immature’ song about killing. But this is art, while other artists are writing about their feelings and their political viewpoint, this bands chooses to right about grotesque acts. It is their right to sing about what they want and it is the listener’s right to listen to what they wish.

Anyway, I thought this was just an immature blood lust song too, but look deeper. Cannibal Corpse are very well known for their Christian beliefs. In an interview they said “We are disgusted by Christian singers who feel they have to hide their religion from public view otherwise no one will like them, and if people find out, they deny it and even insult our creator. The ‘Entrails’ represent Christ in our heart. The ‘C*nt’ is a very accurate representation of singers such as Amy Lee. Being ‘Ripped’ from us by a narrow minded society ruled by the most evil religion of all time, Atheism. Atheists follow the book of ‘Athius’ which teaches that raping young girls is not only right, but necessary.”

The band uses beautiful imagery from Greek and Latin 18th century literature and Netherlands mythology in many of their songs as the deep spritial side to these really show how much love god can give us all. Being a Christian, I love this band and hope to get all their CDs and hope their new CD ‘Songs of praise for the Lord’ is a great success.

Limp Bizkit – Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle) Lyrics 13 years ago
“And this platinum thing right here (uh huh)
We're doing it all the time (huh)
So you better get some better beats
And, uh get some better rhymes (doh)”

Incredible artistic depth. Lyrically untouchable. Fred Durst even calls out lesser lyricists from all genres such as Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash who don’t hold a candle to the Mr. Durst. To prevent lesser bands stealing their ingenious lyrics, they stamp their name in all their songs. Examples include:
“You... wanna mess with Limp Bizkit (yeah)
You can't mess with Limp Bizkit (why?)”
“Discover L.I.M.P. say it”
“The Chocolate Starfish is my man Fred Durst”
“If only we could fly Limp Bizkit style”

Unlike the rest of you common folk, one has looked beyond the surface and seen the inner core that represents this emotional song. This song is about how our society has become more materialistic and the pollution we are leaving our kids to die because we are too selfish to find alternative fuels. “Rollin’” referring to somersaulting down the streets as alternative to cars, trains and buses. Remember, this is the same band that wrote the artistically diverse ‘Breakstuff’.

I will be Rollin’ down to the record companies to complain about why all bands aren’t like this one.

Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is the most deep, thought provoking musical masterpiece ever. Gwen Stefani has really evolved lyrically since her ‘No Doubt’ days which even see looks back on and is ashamed. ‘Hollaback girl’ is an anti-war song about how badly women were treated during the second world war. Having graduated 3rd grade after only 4 attempts I consider myself rather intelligent.

A ‘Hollaback girl’ is what the Nazis called the woman during World War II who held up targets up the targets on the shooting ranges for newly trained recruits. Many were killed as a result. The term ‘Hollaback Girl’ only became well-known when German artist ‘Leon Kappelhoff’ released his painting ‘Hollaback Girl’ which depicted this event. Gwen Stefani, being a fan of German art culture picked up on this which gave her the inspiration for this song.

FOOLS! B-A-N-A-N-A-S doesn’t mean the fruit. It is an anagram for, ‘Bypass any needless action needing amass slaughter’ a definite show of her hate towards unnecessary killings on a mass scale.

Look deeper into her lyrics and see the beauty only a true artist could possess.

Britney Spears – Soda Pop Lyrics 13 years ago
I HATE this slander against this unbelievably talented artist. Just because you lot are unable to look beyond the surface and see the true artistic depth involved in this beautiful poet’s masterpiece is appalling.
This song is clearly how quickly time goes by and how we must take advantage of the time we have. In the 1736 play, ‘Phil Van Morrisen’s Desire’ also discussed this topic using drinks as a metaphor.
“ooh (the clock is ticking and we can't stop) can't stop
open the soda pop bop shu bop shu bop”
Yes, drink life, feast on it for we are all mortal. Of course, this just scratches the surface. A deeper look into the art that is this song shows that this song has a lot to do with the many world leaders that start wars for selfish reasons leaving millions of innocents to die while the greedy, power mad make no sacrifices that many families have done. Has Bob Dylan written anything of this calibre? Of course not, he is not that deep, he is just some corporate puppet used to take people’s hard earned money.
Britney Spears has always been the voice of the underdogs of this country, a good inspiration to the girls of today about what is needed to be the best woman you can be and most of all, a poet without equal.
If you like this song, buy Britney Spears book of heart warming poetry about the challenges of being a single mother, politics, racially equality and society.

(Or the song might just be an ad for Pepsi)

Limp Bizkit – Break Stuff Lyrics 13 years ago
Typical of people, more who just see Fred Durst as a ‘talentless’ lyricist. The meaning and message behind this song, no, beautiful work of art shows just how deep he is. His lyrical process is so deep and hidden within his songs he is often seen as immature by those unable to understand it. Having nearly finished high school, I consider myself rather well educated. ‘Breakstuff’ is obviously an expression on how society has evolved but as a species, we are still as primitive and violent as our ancestors millions of years ago.
“It’s all about the he said she said bullshit” ‘He said, She said’ is a very famous ballet which Fred Durst has taken a keen interest in. This play teaches us all about our primitive nature also.
Just by reading the lyrics, one can see the influence he has no doubt received from Viennese Harequez’s poem ‘Forbidden Love’ about having strong Christian beliefs in a strictly atheist family.
“It’s just one of those days feeling like a freight train” Is an obvious nod towards the 1827 play ‘Freight Train’ by acclaimed German writer ‘Maximilian Fassbinder. Fred Durst has expressed much love for this play interviews. He has always been the artistically processed type.
Limp Bizkit’s beautiful expression on this song is amazing Of course, not everyone is able to grasp art on this level. Keep trying Mr. Durst, they laughed at Leonardo Da Vinci in his time.

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