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30 Seconds to Mars2012-03-05
A Rocket to the Moon2012-03-05
Calvin Harris2015-02-19
Chainsmokers, The2017-01-22
Cinematic Orchestra, The2012-03-05
Darkness, The2013-03-12
Dead by April2013-09-05
Guns N' Roses2013-02-27
Kill Hannah2016-10-07
Lana Del Rey2013-03-03
Linkin Park2013-09-22
Neon Trees2013-03-02
Red Hot Chili Peppers2013-06-01
Smiths, The2013-12-15
Swimming With Dolphins2012-03-05
Thirteen Senses2016-02-02
Title, The2012-01-13
Watchout! There's Ghosts2012-03-05
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