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Adam Green2008-11-03
Arrogant Worms, The2008-11-03
Barenaked Ladies2008-11-03
Beastie Boys2008-11-30
Bob Dylan2008-11-03
David Bowie2008-11-03
Electric Six2009-01-11
Frank Zappa2008-11-03
Joey Ramone2008-11-03
Kimya Dawson2008-11-03
Miracle Legion2008-11-03
Monkees, The2008-11-03
Rolling Stones, The2008-11-03
Starlight Mints2008-11-03
Teenagers, The2008-11-03
They Might Be Giants2008-11-03
Weird Al Yankovic2008-11-03
White Stripes, The2008-11-03
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