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That's Just Me
A bunch of songs I really like.
5 0 gingersnape
Gute Lieder mit Sinn
2 0 UhtDeskart
My oh wow
2 0 Franstedt
Need to Hear
11 0 debanddals
Amazing Songs
This Mixtape is filled with amazing songs songs
3 0 Alberto09
Nikko This Nikko That
My life that I can recollect up to this moment in time.
2 0 OBTino23
all the why
2 0 poland1234
Random Stuff I like
10 0 Czarcasms
You Will Cry
It's just sad and emotional.
0 0 kallie1029
5 0 aliswho
2 0 Auke
You'll Never Die And You'll Never Grow Old
This is a mixtape of Modest Mouse and Ugly Casanova songs I have compiled together. They are meant to be listened to sequentially, all in on...
23 0 Quamal
Violent tupac killuminati
2 0 Martylokz
Darwin's Best
3 0 3rd Planet
3 0 brisa19
For You
0 0 princemarzmusic
For those nights where you feel tranquil, established and nostalgic.. or you wish to.
21 0 aliswho
If We Were Still in High School, I Would Make this Mix Tape for You
A real playlist the love of my life gave me when we started dating.
0 0 CandyRocker
0 0 KronosCrown
Favorite oldies
2 0 Zerdo
Rockin Rebellion
0 0 blonde1097
For You
For you, the things I can't and couldn't tell you.
19 0 aliswho
When Lives don't go the way you plan
when you try to live free and live the moment but you get stopped by your own tracks but you it's harder that it's not a child its the adult...
2 0 dalilah11234
2 0 jaide420
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