RobotRock's Mixtapes

Tape Songs Comments
Booty Shaking Block-Rockin' D.A.N.C.E. Party
These are songs that will make you drop to your knees to thank your mother that you were given a booty to shake
12 0
Effortless Brutality
My favorite metal bands who are active and continue to produce amazing music.
10 1
Favorite Songs of All-Time
9 0
Metal Thrashing Madness
This is a mix for the long-haired, headbanging, beer soaked metalhead that exists within all of us...but especially me.
13 1
RobotRock's Iotollas of Rock-n-Rolla
Songs that will not only rock your socks off, but will subsequently melt them into a puddle of icky goo
10 0
Teenage Wasteland
These are songs that remind me of my youth and/or are songs I listened to when I was young.
14 0
The Saaaad Bastard Mix
These are songs for all of us sad bastards who revel in being downtrodden and heartbroken! Or at the very least, those of us who enjoy list...
17 0
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