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songs to chill out to
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This is all sorts of rock
4 0 ACsonglyrics
A Music Triogy: Part 2
4 0 ICollectCDs
What songs are meant to be
0 0 winterwinds03
Full Great Songs #1
This Is The Mixtape That I Make it for My Love. BG+A(p)=LOve
1 0 SeniorBibob
My Darling Armadillo has gone.
8 0 jessicaiguess
Music that speaks to the living soul behind your eyes
3 0 PlaceCalledTomorrow
Catchy Songs
5 0 woonona
Imagine Dragons
Full of Imagine Dragons songs, obviously, they're amazing!
3 0 Firebreather1
Thinking about...
96 0 bahamadeh1
Love Songs
This Song sounds like the guy has cheated on his woman, and now he regrets it. She has frozen him out of her heart after he cheated with one...
3 0 AshleyAbuSaft
Mix tape 1
Old guy favorite songs
2 0 Lambert1
Profound lyrics
...in Classic Orchestral Rock
2 0 wm11118044
Good music
collection of my favorite songs
5 0 erik0314
Rhythm Gaming's Finest
A playlist for those addicted to Guitar Hero / Rock Band. All songs have been featured in at least one game from the two franchises.
0 0 KaKashiGoLean
Songs to listen to when I'm writing/drawing
14 0 todomatsu
So there is this girl who loves this boy but the boy likes a different girl and the girl does not know what to do What does the girl do plea...
0 0 Natashalove12
Songs that get you to feel good about yourself
1 0 Counterclockwerk
Sad Songs
2 0 woonona
Just a mixtape I use while writing
9 0 2DhatesWhales
2 0 schmegma
Oz Rock
Australian Rock
2 0 woonona
Depression and sex abstinence cure
8 0 azazara
Most Depressive Song
I felt so sad and want to die if play this mixtape.
11 0 gilangharyanto
We're Blowing Away
songs i used to listen a lot to, but not anymore. melancholy. many songs are from my extreme percy jackson phase
3 0 vivicarstairs
Things That Don't Make You Cry
sad songs that sound happy. i only cry to sad songs that sound sad so thats what the title is about. some songs might not be sad to you but ...
3 0 vivicarstairs
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