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health food
Self-pity! Self-loathing! General discontent!
25 5 artslut
Random & International
Just randomness and in many different languages. why settle for just one language? The music language is universal!
15 0 awakenpunk
15 0 partymaloney
Awe-Inspiring Alternative
A playlist I made a long time ago with music I really liked at the time. Mostly popular alternative, with some rock and hip-hop. It's alrigh...
22 1 PandemiK
jamzzzzz and shittt
13 0 shannakett99
Totally random, random singers, bands, and music genres.
30 0 TheIntimindator27
My Workout Mix
This is the mix I use when I'm in the gym. Some fast paced, with a strong beat for cardio, and other stuff for strength/endurance training.
12 0 Nataliexo
Lil' John always tells the truth.
15 0 ohmahon0903
High School Flashback
Songs from my time in high school, 2002-2006
15 12 Nataliexo
Reggaeton Hits
A reggaeton playlist from various years -- makes me feel like I'm in South Beach.
6 4 mike
SongMeanings Coding
Songs I typically listen to while developing SongMeanings.
6 2 mike
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