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  • 11 Years Ago rosalyn-1943
  • General Comment:
    This song is so catchy. I wish that someone would put up a translation for the lyrics.
  • 11 Years Ago rosalyn-1943
  • General Comment:
    This song is so catchy. I wish that someone would put up a translation for the lyrics.
  • 11 Years Ago BitstreamData
  • General Comment:
    The First Two Words Is The Name Of A Human Abstract Song... I Just Saw This Song On The Little "Latest Comment" Thing And Wanted ToWrite Something. Maybe I'll Translate This.
  • 11 Years Ago rosalyn-1943
  • General Comment:
    So far I've been able to get this much translated:

    My Fault , Lo Signal , Corporis Vile , In the presence of Deo Agreement Being saved , Scheldt Skies , Fame Fatherland , Peace And Good Without Management , Go with me , A falling In time of war , To play Nature Day That , Just as Moon , Votive offering Are Valor

    But this was using an online translation tool.
  • 11 Years Ago rosalyn-1943
  • General Comment:
    My fault, behold a sign,
    Vile corpse, In the presence of Deo
    Saved agreement,
    Scheldt skies, glorius fatherland/father, peace and wellbeing/goodness
    without care/concern, go with me,
    A falling in war, to play/deceive nature

    That day, just as moon, votive offering is valor

    This is the best I can do. It's not that easy, seeing as it is in Latin, a dead language, and I can't tell which syntax is correct.
  • 10 Years Ago Nocturnia
  • General Comment:
    I found this:

    (Through) My (own) fault, Behold the proof, Worthless body, In the presence of the God
    Keep the faith, The ladder of heaven, Glory to the Father, Peace and salvation
    Without a care, Come with me (/A constant companion), Event (/the cause) of war, A freak of nature
    That Day, Like The Moon, Gifts of virtue
  • 10 Years Ago seahen
  • Song Meaning:
    Modern usages of the Latin phrases, first and third lines:
    Mea culpa: "my fault", an admission of error
    Ecce signum: "behold the sign", spoken by Falstaff in Shakespeare's Henry IV Part 1 Act II Scene 4.
    Corpus vile: "worthless body", an expendable living thing that can be used e.g. for scientific tests of lethality.
    Coram deo: "in the presence of God", the privileged state of Christians.
    Sine cura: "without a care", -> sinecure, an office with salary and/or prestige but no responsibilities
    Vade mecum: "go with me", a handbook
    Casus belli: "case for war", a country's stated reason for declaring war.
    Lusus naturae: "freaks/jokes of nature", term used by medieval naturalists for actual or reported specimens that defied classification or violated natural laws. Fell into disuse with the rise of the scientific method.
  • 5 Years Ago midnightzone
  • General Comment:
    Here's the translation I could work out:

    "My fault, behold the sign,
    Worthless body, in the presence of God,
    Keep the faith,
    Ladder of heaven, glory to the Father, peace and good
    Without a care, go with me,
    Cause of war, freak of nature

    That day, like the moon, give them virtue"

    The entire thing is composed of short Latin phrases that, in some context or another, are well known -- seahen gave some examples of that. The only exception is "dona es virtum" at the very end, which does not seem to be proper Latin at all. I have translated it operating under the assumption that it is some corrupted form of "dona eis virtutem" which, while not a familiar phrase, does contain the familiar "dona eis" within it and is not too far off from the phrase given.
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