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  • 12 Years Ago nightandday
  • General Comment:
    A tulpa - in Tibetan mysticism, a being or object which is created through sheer willpower alone - a materialized thought that has taken physical form (a thoughtform). Once the tulpa is endowed with enough vitality to be capable of playing the part of a real being, it tends to free itself from its makerĀ¹s control.

    This makes me think that the 'young man' that the narrator in this song has such a strange, erotic fascination, is a kind of double he has invented - a version of himself that is mysterious and more attractive and pleasant (probably also better dressed and richer, judging by the mentions of wardrobe and furniture) than his real self, which seems troubled and insecure ("I'm so wretched - you are so fetching"), not independent enough, stifled by being too attached on his mother ("my skin will crawl back home to Ma"). In any case, there seems to be some tension and love/hate thing between him and his tulpa - both sides seem very nervous and apprehensive of each other, but their souls still "mingle uneasily".

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