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  • 9 Years Ago chralex
  • General Comment:
    This.... is awesome.
    From a description this Smog album: "Though it's not widely known, guys like Bill "Smog" Callahan (and Beck, and Lou Barlow, and Daniel Johnston)" [side note - I'm pretty sure Daniel Johnston modeled his style after the Beatles - with little to no regard to popular artists] "...who've made an art out of sitting in their basements and cranking out song after song fragment on a four-track tape recorder, have an unlikely patron saint, someone who represents everything they'd want to be if they had prolific creativity, the stamina of a perfectionist, and access to big time home studio equipment. His name used to be Prince, and he's the monarch of do-it-yourself recording."

    Also -- from everything I've heard about Prince (especially one of Kevin Smith's speaking engagements), this would fit Prince -- very isolated and dedicated to whatever he's decided to focus on at that point (be it music, Jehovah's Witness...ing, or whatever.)

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