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  • 10 Years Ago mistavibe
  • General Comment:
    As we all remember, the 90s were a decade of organic emotion, political strife, controversial social agenda and of course, Generation X in full blast.

    Now, where was Michael you ask? Well after releasing Bad in the late 80's, it was time for Michael to come into the 90s and until this song Michael had never done anything so truly self assured and light-on-his-feet since Off The Wall. In fact, this is new territory for the King of Pop. Michael has never been one to dive deep in politics but Black or White handles this go-round like a pro.

    And this isn't about being black or white persay. This is song that skims over all of the heavy-hearted social and racial blights, breathes it all in, and then with a devil-may-care smirk says "I've got better things to do!" And in doing so, Michael has made a virtually one-of-a-kind song for his era. There are no melancholy tears and no corny acoustic sum-ups, just a statement of free minded self-determination. Plus it's distinctive enough to be compatible with just about anything. Even the international fans have fits of hysteria because the message is so universal and positive.

    Michael bursts in with a high croon that everyone and their mother knows and loves:

    "I took my baby
    On a saturday bang
    Boy is that girl with you
    Yes were one and the same"

    He follows with some lighthearted egotistical humor sure to fly over the heads of the kiddies:

    "Now I believe in miracles
    And a miracle Has happened tonight"

    Woah, slow down big Mike! It's only second stanza and he hit us with that slick double entendre for no reason! But then he lets us know what the deal is with him and how he views race and class etc.

    "But, if youre thinkin about my baby
    It dont matter if youre Black or white"

    It's this line that is metaphor for every condition, every affiliation and how when push comes to shove it doesn't really matter - if you're crippled, gay, atheist, eskimo, Republican - its all in the eye of the beholder when it comes to human relations.

    And that's the genius of this song. Not everybody wants to be awash in the waves of paranoia and intolerance. We can leave our biases at the door as soon as we decide that our lifestyle is ours alone and what other people think is none of our business anyways. Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

    And so we have L.T.B. come in to break it down with some hip-hop

    "Its a turf war On a global scale
    Id rather hear both sides Of the tale"

    "Ive seen the bright get duller
    Im not going to spend my life being a color"

    Basically he is saying that the news media never fully presents both sides of the political ledger so why bother doling on the issue all day when you have better things to do than worry about some economic statistic they put you in.

    Michael even pauses post-rap for a bit of humorous sarcasm:

    "Dont tell me you agree with me
    When I saw you kicking dirt in my eye"

    This is tremendously hilarious and also symbolic of the games people play with each other in real life. Amazing social analysis from Michael who has never sounded so playful!

    So why is it such a great song again?

    Well, taken as a slice of pop culture, it's edgy and it sounds fresh out of the can as Michael yelps over a blend of rock, rap and pop. It's unclogged wood-clop beat mixed with the unforgettable driving power chord make this one for the rolled down windows at the top of your lungs type of ride. It's uninhibited and never takes itself too seriously, but that's what makes it so fun!

    "Its black, its white
    Its tough for you to get by"

    You got that right Mike!

    THE quintessential song of the nineties right here.

    Absolutely underrated.

  • 12 Years Ago abc123012
  • General Comment:
    This is a SONG MEANINGS site. This is not a website for random assholes to give their personal opinions about Michael Jackson and display their little knowledge about him. Michael Jackson has VITILIGO. A somewhat rare skin disease in which over time white blotches of skin appear on a persons body.

    Michael, in interviews, explained that when the majority of his body was still black, he covered up the white spots with makeup. However, when the white kept increasing and finally his body was mostly white, he used makeup to cover up the leftover black patches. Eventually, his skin turned completely white.

    As for the child molestation charges: The evidence against Michael Jackson was weak. In fact, there was no evidence at all that child molestation ever occured. The accusers from the recent trial have been involved in previous legal trials before, in which they were found guilty of FRAUD.

    The accusers have a history of suing corporations in order to obtain millions of dollars. As for the original accusers from the first trial, there again was also no evidence to support the charges of child molestation. In the end, they settled out of court. If the kid was really molested, it is highly doubtful that a truly concerned parent would let their child's molestor go free for ANY amount of money.

    Now, back to the songs. Michael has created amazing songs to send out amazing meanings and messages to the world. His apperance should not affect how much one absorbs the meanings of his songs. Many of his songs talk about racism, oppression, the destruction of the earth, poverty, cruelty, starvation, etc... His messages are "change, help the world, you have the power to help people. use it"

    So, really. Stop being immature jackasses and pay attention to his music rather than his face.
  • 13 Years Ago jhands
  • General Comment:
    some of you are really rude. seriously, you don't know him.. do you know how many people have Vitiligo? i know so many african canadians/americans who have it. i for one, have it on my leg.. a tiny patch.. but it's there.
    about him bleaching the rest of his skin.. obviously he would because people some people (like most of you) laugh and call him names. he can NOT help it... if i were in the media.. heck i'd do just as he did. get some respect, seriously.
    and about him being some crazy child molester.. none of you know whether he is or not. don't jump to conclusions..
    and the fact that some of you think he is "crazy" is not because his skin is the way it is.. or nose has been played with.
    mike is beautiful. he feeels beautiful the way he is.. HIS MUSIC.. its just breathtaking.. he is unhuman... not because of his appearance.. but because of the soul he has inside.
    for those of you that see that beauty.. god bless you.
    -sorry for rambling..-
  • 13 Years Ago jhands
  • General Comment:
    some of you are just plain rude. litterally, Vitiligo is horrible. and like many other people in this world i have it on my leg.. a small patch but it's there..
    do you think he can help it? NO. yes he bleached his skin.. but it was because of you people who make fun of him...
    he is a beautiful man, have you actually listened to his songs? or are you just busy laughing and calling him a freak?
    and because his skin is different doesnt mean it makes him a "crazy" child molester. you cant prove it.. nobody can. words hurt.. they're cruel... he didn't make himself the way he is... you judgers did.
    and his nose, yeah it was big when he was younger.. go around to some african americans or canadians and ask what they would change about themselves.. and i bet if would be hair and nose. he feels good in how he looks.. and that's ALL that matters

    as for this song... you cant say you like it if your saying things about him.. he has a beautiful soul.. and it doesnt take a perfect face to have one. HIS MUSIC is beautiful and as for this song.. it is BEAUTIFUL
    for those of you who don't judge based upon what you have "heard" god bless you, really.. michael deserves to be loved for his music, not hated because of his skin and "awkward behavious"

    as for me.. i could say sorry for rambling.. but people need a big slap in the face. look around you and see what you're doing to the world
  • 11 Years Ago Marcus Wulf
  • General Comment:
    Stop dissing Michael Jackson. He writes a song against racsism, and you bastards comment on some un-avoidable problem the guy's got. The song is meaningful and has a funky tune, and all you lot do is complain. You disgust me.
    And I'm a big Duran Duran fan, and this DOES NOT sound remotely like Hungry Like the Wolf.

    Love, M.W
  • 9 Years Ago originl
  • General Comment:
    He's saying he'll twat anyone going for his girlfriend, but he won't discriminate in doing so. Nice
  • 16 Years Ago MusicL274
  • General Comment:
    i think u r all lame he wrote it 4 other reasons look it up he is black with virtigo yes he tried to smooth it out with bleach but u wouldn't know any thing about Michael cuz ur coming up w/ lame shit it came out for an aids thing he was trying to say we r all equal and he does care about race " i don't care if ur black or white" and i agree with him when he says i am not spending my life being a color cuz we need to look past color so fuck off
  • 16 Years Ago VinDigital
  • General Comment:
    it don't matter if you're black or white
  • 14 Years Ago Herenion
  • General Comment:
    Right On EstiloPanama!!! I totally agree!!!

    "Doesn't matter if your black or white"
    -- a powerful message, however you interprit it!
  • 13 Years Ago jhands
  • General Comment:
    i love this song
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