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  • 15 Years Ago chub
  • General Comment:
    I used to think it was just about someone declaring his (or her) love to a lover. After actually reading the lyrics, I realized it is about Jesus. I read up on Prince and found out that he is quite spiritual.
  • 2 Years Ago hearsong
  • My Interpretation:
    When lovers say 'I would die for you', they are generally not meaning to risk their lives, but using life and death metaphorically. As a metaphor, the saying testifies to the lengths of their devotion. It can say, "You matter so much to me that I would put the sanctity of your life and well-being before my own." It can also say, "I don't have any words to express my love for you, and my imagination can only take me to the furthest line to cross, that limit of my own life."

    Prince's usage brings something else to the table. He says 'I would die for you / darling if you want me to'. He does not say he is willing to die to save the lover, or that his devotion is so total that there is no limit he would not cross. Rather, he says that the desire of his lover is the most important thing in the world. 'Darling if you want me to'. He is willing to be destroyed at the lover's whim.

    This is an interesting twist on the previous interpretations, because the sacrifice he speaks of is at the lover's mere desire, not for his or her being. So whereas previously the saying went: I love you so much, I would even die for you, now the saying goes: Your desire (for me) matters more to me than my own life.

    The song is not seeking affirmation or an answer, such as in the similarly structured song 'If It Be Your Will', where Leonard Cohen sings 'If it be your will / That I speak no more / And my voice be still / As it was before / I will speak no more' with great emphasis on the phrase 'If it be your will' to invite an answer from the lover. Rather, it is a celebration, almost, of the lengths of his devotion, yes, but also the contingency of his being on the lover's desire for him.
  • 14 Years Ago kitkat0209
  • General Comment:
    i agree tis about jesus and that he is everything. not that im religious though
  • 14 Years Ago DameAutour
  • General Comment:
    Yes, Prince is spiritual, always was. A lot of his songs have strong spiritual overtones (i.e. Seven).

    Now he is a Jehovah's Witness, but he wasn't when this song came out.

    I agree that this song is about Jesus, and it is powerful because EVERYONE thinks it is a typical song about couple love. But right away you know it's not, "I'm not a woman, I'm not a man".
  • 1 Year Ago mikal10848
  • General Comment:
    it's about the relationship in Purple Rain

    Appolonia is The Kid's Soul Mate
    He's talking about his soul,
    it's not his body, it's what one loves with, the soul.

    The river of addiction flows
    You think it's hot, but there won't be no water
    When the fire blows
    Dig it
  • 16 Years Ago cervante
  • General Comment:
    Unforgetable song from the legendary Purple Rain album
  • 14 Years Ago stoolhardy
  • General Comment:
    Prince is spiritual? Wow that just blows my mind. I don't believe it. Sex is his religion it seems, plain and simple.
  • 13 Years Ago ASigIAm213
  • General Comment:
    I wondered if I was the only one who caught that.
  • 12 Years Ago jkadokin
  • General Comment:
    Yes! Exactly! Listened to it for a long time and then it just HIT me all of a sudden! It's All About Jesus. Color me shocked. An album that is kind of dedicated to romantic, physical love gives us something transcendent and spiritual. And yet, is it REALLY that surprising? When it's love and it's GOOD, it can get pretty close to the divine,no?
  • 12 Years Ago goodmorningmisterben
  • General Comment:
    Prince is so unbearably talented it would be most shocking if he weren't in close contact with God.
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