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    Here is my educated guess

    I believe that the message here is obviously about drugs.

    -"I'm the man in the Box" appears to be about him already in his coffin, dying.
    Quoted from "Layne Staley: Angry Chair – A Look Inside the Heart and Soul of an Incredible Musician" by Argentinean writer and music fan Adriana Rubio. Layne Staley said the following:

    In his last interview, given in early 2002 months before his death, Staley admitted, "I know I'm near death, I did crack and heroin for years. I never wanted to end my life this way." Staley's physical appearance had become even worse than before: he had lost several teeth, his skin was sickly pale, and he was severely gaunt. In the same interview Staley spoke of the damage caused by his heroin addiction.

    -"Burried in my shit" appears to be his outlook on the mess he has gotten himself into with his drugs and his knowing that he will end up dead as a result of it.
    continued from Layne Staley: Angry Chair –

    "I'm not using drugs to get high like many people think. I know I made a big mistake when I started using this SHIT. It's a very difficult thing to explain. My liver is not functioning, and I'm throwing up all the time and SHITTING my pants. The pain is more than you can handle. It's the worst pain in the world. Dope sick hurts the entire body."

    -"Won't you come and save me. Save me." Apperently asking for God's divine intervention.

    -"Feed my eyes, can you sew them shut?"
    continued from Layne Staley: Angry Chair –
    "My world became a nightmare," he said. "There were just shadows around me. I got call saying that my dad had died, but my family always knew he was around doing all kind of drugs. Since that call I always was wondering, 'Where is my dad?' I felt so sad for him and I missed him. He dropped out of my life for 15 years."

    Staley insisted he always knew he had the talent and creativity to be rock star, and thought that if he became a celebrity his dad would return. So he started writing songs in his teens and jamming with other musicians. At the same time, he did a bit of research to find out where his father was living and what kind of a man he was.
    "When I was 16, I tried to find him without saying a word to my family," revealed Staley. "I did it for a long f---in' time, and what I found over the years was not good, so I changed my mind about wanting to see my dad again."

    I believe these past paragraohs to be about...
    -"Feed my eyes, can you sew them shut?"
    He does not want to see or look around anymore.

    -"Jesus Christ, deny your maker"
    -"He who tries, will be wasted"
    I believe this paragraph to be read as simple as it is written.
    Help me... Can you sow my eyes shut? I don't want to see the evil anymore.
    I now know that when you deny Jesus Christ, your maker, you will be wasted.

    Wether or not Staley was aware of it, I beieve this to be a prayer of a desperate man, a messed up life, and his addiction to drugs.

    -"I'm the dog who gets beat. Shove my nose in shit."
    He knew he had a problem and everybody kept telling him about. (putting his nose in it as he may have seen it)

    -"Won't you come and save me, save me."
    His last cry for help. Religious or not, Chrisitan or not, I believe this is what he was begging or praying for.

    Kinney has commented on Staley's final years and isolation period:
    "I kept trying to make contact...Three times a week, like clockwork, I'd call him, but he'd never answer. Every time I was in the area, I was up in front of his place yelling for him...Even if you could get in his building, he wasn't going to open the door. You'd phone and he wouldn't answer. You couldn't just kick the door in and grab him, though there were so many times I thought about doing that. But if someone won't help themselves, what, really, can anyone else do?"

    Staley was found dead in his home after his mother and stepfather went to his condo with the police.

    As reported by Rick Anderson of the Seattle Weekly,
    "his body was surrounded by various drug possessions and paraphernalia: "When police kicked in the door to Layne Staley's University District apartment on April 20, there, on a couch, lit by a flickering TV, next to several spray-paint cans on the floor, not far from a small stash of cocaine, near two crack pipes on the coffee table, reposed the remains of the rock musician."

    The article also stated that the 6'1" Staley weighed just 86 pounds when his body was discovered.
    The King County Coroner's Office estimated Staley to have died on April 5, 2002, meaning Staley's body was not discovered for two weeks.

    "Drugs worked for me for years," Staley told Rolling Stone in 1996, "and now they're turning against me, now I'm walking through hell."

    Sounds to me like Staley was "the man in the box, burried in his shitty addiction."

    May he rest in Peace. God Bless him.
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  • wow i love your explanation it makes total sense more than any other i have read . i was a bit troubled by some of the lyrics and felt guilty listening . now i feel much better thanks because this is a raw and tough song and i liked the music . the lyrics tell a tale of human emotion and suffering . thanks again i will listen to this more
  • False... the song is about media censorship, he said that himself. Not every song is about drugs and suicide
  • JesusSaves, I really like your explanation as well. Obviously there are a lot of differing opinions among fans here about the interpretation. The song could have multiple meanings imbedded within the illustration of a cow/calf in a box. But he did talk about Christ, which makes me think he was addressing something deeper than the treatment of animals or censorship. Seems he was searching. Some here have commented that he was wasted/high when he wrote it - so who knows what he was thinking in that state. terreknight - I also love the rawness of this song - it's in my playlist when I run and I too have felt guilty about listening. Makes me sad that he seemingly never found help or the Truth based on his death. I will continue to listen. Praising Christ for His salvation!
  • @JesusSaves Had this song in my head today for some reason.. hadn't heard it in years... am in a different place now than when I first heard this song... was thinking similar things to your sentiments today.. ... while pondering... thank you for the confirmation...
  • @JesusSaves Dude, you are delusional to believe in a man that may have lived some 2000+ years ago. No human NEEDS religion to know truth. No human NEEDS to believe in any religion or even a creator to learn compassion and know that violence is far from peace. There are more WARS and VIOLENCE in the name of religion that any belief on this bloody planet. Odd how the belief in Christ of God never has humans any more kind, of mercy, of joy, of love, of peace, of TRUTH and the VIOLENCE continues in the name of greed & power. Oddly the HOLOCAUST still continues too with the worst violence being forced upon animals. IF humans had any true sense they would STOP being so violent in the name of religions and also killing animals for blood money. MAN is NO closer to GOD than he was 3000+ years ago. It's ALL based on lack of any true desire of PEACE. Staley was a lost soul yet very brilliant. He was in a lot of pain and is showed in his addiction. Too little LOVE for one another and the murder of animals is just mans true insanity of violence which fools also try to justify through their dumb ass religion. NO human needs to be brainwashed with religions of the beliefs of GOD to be compassionate and of PEACE/LOVE/MERCY yet have a HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS in reality. Killing is mans worst evil. Evil is real and it is of MANS pure IGNORANCE. Thank wisdom I'm NOT brainwashed into an illusion created by men of that time period yet educated enough to have higher consciousness.
  • @JesusSaves interesting theory. Very thoughtful. The only problem is that some of events and statements you are trying to connect happened over a decade before Stanley's final days. The song was written in 1991.
  • @JesusSaves As always, every AIC song is about drugs, right...?
    It was written in the late '80, like whole Facelift album. Staley started doing heroin in the late '91.
    Song is about media censorship, and about how we are fed by media with everything they want us to be fed with. Even in video you have Staley in the "box" watching TV. It's not even a guess, that's literally what they said that this is about.
  • @JesusSaves Consider this. The song was released way back in 1991, 13 years before Layne Staley died of years of drug abuse. So even though your interpretation is a good guess, it is incorrect. The song is about media censorship and how the liberal government uses it as a tool to spread propaganda in order to fool people in to a false perception of reality they want them to believe. The man in the box is referring to a newscaster spreading sh*t like his voice is the word of God and so he is saying back to him Save me from this crap.
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