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  • Mozilla/Firefox Search Plugins Coming Soon

    by oofus on February 27, 2005 I just finished up 2 search plugins for mozilla/firefox. One will allow you to search by artist, the other by song title. I submitted them to the mozilla database today. For those you you using mozilla/firefox, you may notice to the right of your address bar is a search box where you can choose to search one of several search engines right from the box without first going to the site. This plugin will add SongMeanings to that list. Once I have a few of the guys on the staff test it out (I already tested it myself and it works for me ;) ) we will launch a page on SongMeanings where you can click on a link to install the plugins. Stay tuned... No Comments
  • new things coming

    by oofus on January 22, 2005 First, i'd like to say i'm really pleased with how the favicon came out. Hahah kudos to me ;) i've been working with the team here to get a lot of new changes implemented soon. First we'll be fixing it so that if you accidentally type in "ww" or "wwww" rather than "www" it should fix it for you. We'll also be re-configuring the url structure to something more simple. Hopefully in the future urls will look more like www.songmeanings.net/lyrics/artistname/songtitle/ i also have a cool new feature i'm going to be letting the dev. team know more about soon. But everyone will have to stay tuned for that. Btw, if you run a website and like SongMeanings please do link to us.. link text: SongMeanings | Beyond Lyrics 1 Comment
  • April 18, 2004

    by oofus on April 18, 2004 it's been a while. gym has kicked ass since last year. been very busy No Comments
  • June 17, 2003

    by oofus on June 17, 2003 ps. credit card bill now hovering around $2,000.... ouch No Comments
  • summer ;)

    by oofus on June 17, 2003 hittin' the gym up hardcore...keeping busy, chasing women ;) No Comments
  • May 04, 2003

    by oofus on May 04, 2003 summer's almost here i can't fucking wait! No Comments
  • April 07, 2003

    by oofus on April 07, 2003 snow sucks. the add lyrics function is coming along well according to ice and mike's been gettin' crazy stuff done with the forums. also working on more advanced banning system for trouble users. it will eliminated the problem users who try to get around banning with proxy servers. also formulating ideas on having users possibly all re-activate so we can weed out people with phony emails and users who no longer come to the site. hopefully it will clean out the database a lil. oh well time to go shovel. No Comments
  • April 02, 2003

    by oofus on April 02, 2003 it's a good day to be alive ;) nice weather...i'm in a good mood. will be typing up some news tonite to fill everyone in on the adding lyrics situation. song of the day: The Little Things by Boy Kicks Girl No Comments
  • March 30, 2003

    by oofus on March 30, 2003 work sucks. add lyrics is still NOT available so please stop pming me about it. otherwise...yea, i need to hit the lottery or stumble upon a few thousand dollars, my credit card bills are absurd. actually right not a lil over $1,000. ouch that hurts. o well life goes on. off to work. No Comments
  • February 16, 2003

    by oofus on February 16, 2003 sm2 debugging, got pixelFever going with kev and mike. doing well. can't wait for the summer No Comments
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