• wow

    by doubt_inspiration on November 30, 2004 this is odd its been two years, old habits die hard, its still in dispute whether thats a good or a bad thing. -jac No Comments
  • sign of life

    by doubt_inspiration on March 17, 2003 just giving a sign of life with my p.o.s. dial up connection that i have at home...cant wait to get back to s.a. and ..well..work but at least i'll be home No Comments
  • feels good to be back

    by doubt_inspiration on March 09, 2003 omg hello to all the ppl new and old and OMFG how i have missed you all!!!!! cannot wait till irc is up and running again and i can go back to idling and being the room idling queen!mwahaha jk ^_^ No Comments
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