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  • May 26, 2002

    by WageWar on May 26, 2002 Im really tired of everyone trying to tell everyone else what some song they didnt write means. I'll admit I'va done it. But fuck you. No Comments
  • May 26, 2002

    by WageWar on May 26, 2002 "Emo" is short for "Emotional Hardcore." The term began as a derogatory one but has been proudly and vehemently claimed by lovers of this dynamic, intensely emotional splinter genre of Hardcore. Much of Emo is characterized introspective lyrics, sudden, surprising shifts in rhythm, ragged, screamingly emotional vocals, pretty instrumental breakdowns, slightly unconventional song structures, and a decidedly un-punk embrace of poppy elements. SO FUCK YOU No Comments
  • May 13, 2002

    by WageWar on May 13, 2002 what the hell is this plan thing anyway? No Comments
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