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  • sore as h***

    by slitwrist_theory on June 28, 2003 im very sore... ehh . its not good. i was called an attention whore that kinda sucks i always considered myself a non-attention whore most of the time.. No Comments
  • yay ^_^

    by slitwrist_theory on June 27, 2003 Today was weird... i dont know why im writting this stuff on here. but ehh . im bored .. I went early to the gym.. at like 7 am i was late again .. man i hate cars :)) anywho i stayed there till like 845 did a shit load of lowebody stuff... i came home and then got attacked by a horny goat :)) eww.. he was headbutting me and i was like FUCK and i ran and it chaised me.. anywho luckily it was tied to a tree hehe :X I spent all day in a hamik. until it broke.. ouch it didnt hurt at first but then i realized that my hand got fucked up .. ouch .. it hurts now.. hrm... but yeah .. I cant wait till MOnk comes on tonight :X i missed the last episode ohh god im going to hell :| anywho that was my day .. ohh yes i read and am currently eating a salad :D i wonder if ppl trully read these? haha No Comments
  • blah... 2

    by slitwrist_theory on June 27, 2003 hrm.. i went to the gym. it was fun.. i donno why im writting this . i need a life. Now morrow i have to go to the gym. im going to be sore again No Comments
  • blah..

    by slitwrist_theory on June 26, 2003 well its another day .. ehh . it sure is going slow.. i really dont want to go to the gym.. my arms are sore from yesturday... i dont want to go morrow either im so out of shape its funny really .. hehhe .. hrm.. yeah No Comments
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