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  •'s a state of mind.

    by Findaway on May 06, 2003 Seriously ppl, I am just tired. I'm about to take my final exams for college and I'm ready to get this over with. I never had a problem with the work but I have been going nonstop since last summer. So, I'm burnt out! Oh well, not going to bitch about it because I'm down to home stretch! Yea! Let's see what else is going on.... Well, have you ever established yourself a social group of the sort on your messenger. I mean, you pretty much have all your buddies and their grandma on there! ok, joking about grandma, but you get the point. Then one day, you decide that you've had enough of old drama and time to move on. So, you pretty much block a good majority of the ppl on your list and vanish from their sight for a couple of years! During this time you have started a new outside social Get what I'm saying? Ok, so you're with me. So, now you happen to jump back online (because your social life has been put on hold) and you get on messenger because you're fucking The few ppl that aren't blocked are busy and a helluva lot of ppl that are blocked are Karma.... As they said on Speed, "What do you do?" Yeah, I had to unblock somebody, its almost like picking one piece of candy from a candy store! Its the state of mind where you just sit there and think about how everybody's messenger you blocked looks like.... Things you should keep in mind: 1.) If you are going to do it, make sure, you keep up with "blocked appearances". Meaning when all your blocked buddies are offline, unblock them to make sure your new "updated" name appears on their (yes, there is a place for's call purgatory.) Not good enough to fully reach heaven, not bad enough to dive into hell. :P 2.) If you unblock somebody make sure, you and that person, and y'alls mutual friends (also buddies) don't have you on their list. Example: You, Jane, and Tom are friends. You are on each other's messengers. You show up on Jane's messenger, she happens to be talking to Tom. Tom wonders why Jane is taking so long to im back. Jane spills the conversation piece goods. Tom is're talking to such and such?! Wow! They aren't on my messenger? Drama starts...then you have a hot mess! Nobody can clean it up, but a button to block all sure Gee, who's fault is that..hehe Ah, don't be too hard on yourself. You have enough guilt as it is from self doubt to what possessed yourself to make such a stupid move like that in the first place. Right? Anyways, I chose to do that. It started off pretty well. After 30 mins, I suffered greatly with beethoven like pieces worth lecturing, (blah blah blah...dada dada da). You scream outloud, "Help, I'm dying!" Get out of the situation go back to original routine. On a good note, I didn't get caught up, but as Celine Dion would say, "it's all coming back to me now"...yeah, the reasons why I blocked them in the first place. Never again, will I make such a bold move, unless it's of dire need. Finally, I will do justice to my own words and say even tho its really wrong to be that way, one thing is for sure, you'll have a good idea when you're blocked always placing my vegetarian food on the grill, Findaway No Comments
  • Well I'll be damned.

    by Findaway on May 05, 2003 Since this isn't personal, first I'd just like to say: "Hi and what's up ppl?" Second, like most new people, I must admit that I am shocked this site offers: lyrics, comments, forum and a damn journal! Ok, I was expecting the first 3, but a journal... *cues the title like a movie* well, I'll be damned! I guess I could post more later but for now, I guess my work is done No Comments
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