• Stupid Children

    by NicoleInWonderland on July 02, 2003 Stupid neighborhood kids always come in my back yard and let my whore of a dog off her chain. it fuckin pisses me off because she prowls the neighborhood and gets knocked up. today i yelled at the little hooligans and told them not to throw sticks and wallnuts all over the yard.(i have a wallnut tree in my back yard) they got scarde and ran home to their mommies. i wanted to run over their bikes with my car. No Comments
  • Hollow Tooth

    by NicoleInWonderland on June 27, 2003 My back right tooth is all hollow and it hurts. so i went to the dentist and got some vicodin. i ate them all. they were yummy. so now ive been popping tylenol and ibprofin like m&ms. it sucks. No Comments
  • Whore of a Dog

    by NicoleInWonderland on June 22, 2003 Today i noticed that my 10 month old dog, roxy had four huge boobs. i think she is preg. probabally by 15 different daddys. what a whore. No Comments
  • Candy Bars

    by NicoleInWonderland on June 20, 2003 Today i think i ate too many candy bars. i only ate two though. usally i can eat 10 or more in one hour. but i only at two the whole day and i got a tummy ache. DAMNIT!! what is wrong with me? maybe its a sign to stop eating so much candy or i will be fat. meh! im gonna go eat another candy bar now. No Comments
  • Crack Whore

    by NicoleInWonderland on June 14, 2003 My dad brought a crack whore to my house the other day. i got home at 2:00 a.m. and they were on the couch. she had sunk in eyes and an annarexic body. her clothes were torn and she was saggy. it fuckin creeped me out so i went downstairs to my room. when i came up to go to the bathroom at 3:00 a.m. they were in my dads room. i bet he only paid ten dollars for her. now my dad probabally has fuckin herpes or crabs or something. No Comments
  • Spider in Hair

    by NicoleInWonderland on June 10, 2003 Today i was lieing on my bed reading an article in a magazine. i felt something hit my head. i put my hand up there and brushed it off. it was a huge whiteish spider. i almost pissed myself. No Comments
  • Punched in the Face

    by NicoleInWonderland on June 08, 2003 Today i got punched in the face by a big scary black dude. if you are him i swear to god i will get you back. you bastard you took my squirt gun. you owe me seven dollars. No Comments
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