• Lookin' to Promote

    by Incognito Lucy on May 03, 2003 Thanks to Mike for helping us promote! That was awesome that you just happen to check out the site...and my journal in particular. We're playing the Bear Brew this Saturday night, we have to make our set stretch out as long as it possibly can to fill the time...and that might be hard to do...but we're gonna try. Sending out the demo in a couple days, hope you like it, and thanks again! -Lucy No Comments
  • My Obscure Band

    by Incognito Lucy on April 28, 2003 This is a promotional entry for my band! Penny For Lucy, of which I am lead vocalist as well as occassional back up guitarist. If you like female lead vocalists and a classic rock style, check us out at Pennyforlucy.com! You can download a few demo songs. Right now we are playing all local gigs, at local bars and on the campus at the University of Maine, where we all attend school. To get in touch, learn more, or talk about music in general: AIM: Incognito Lucy. My musical influences include: The Beatles, Jimmy Eat World, The Juliana Theory, Ninedays, No Doubt, Michelle Branch, Jewel, Saves the Day, Desaperacidos, Five Iron Frenzy, Save Ferris, Letter to Cleo, Stereo Deluxx, Dropkick Murphys, The Cars, Oasis, etc etc etc No Comments
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