by pinkiscooldammit on June 12, 2003 Today I went to the pool with my friends rAchel, Tyson, Brad, and TIff. It was fun.. the pool really smelt bad today. I don't know why..anyway..we were watching Tyson and Brad while they did their "baywatch run", "supermodel", and "pimp walk" into the pool. It was fabulous. hahaha It was a fun day, just except the fact that I got sunburnt, as usual. No Comments
  • HEY !!!

    by pinkiscooldammit on March 10, 2003 Today was so boring!! We dont get to go to astroworld tomorrow! :( this suks BIG DICK!! ahhh! NOw we gotta wait!! Leigha is my bestest friend in the whole wide world!!! HELLO!!!! Food on the kitchen floor this weekend!! Theres gonna be food on the floor! No Comments
  • March 10, 2003

    by pinkiscooldammit on March 10, 2003 Hooray, spring break is this week. No Comments
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