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  • Everything Changed

    by ruben on October 06, 2004 Ok well there is this dude that has messaged me on aol messenger he contacted me about being a lyric moderator for his new lyric site that will be up in a few weeks i guess. He is willing to pay me and it seems like a good deal its not a lot of money but its something. Im going to help them out but of course i have been with for over a year posting well over 7,000 songs for this site. I will continue to help out songmeanings No Comments
  • Nothingness

    by ruben on June 23, 2003 We hurt eachother End up crying ourselves to sleep I never enjoy those nights I dont think you do either Difficult to tell what your thinking Im still here crying for you Im still me for you For all i think about I guess im a fool to think about you so much Its just me being me some might say I forget to tell you if I even exist in your life Do you see me caring Do you see me hoping for the best for you I like to think so Im dead inside when there is nothing of you left Thats when Iam nothingness. No Comments
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