• Blurt Inchie

    by oasisness on July 19, 2016

    I'll take an inch even if it's a pinch ha ha. I randomly come up with stuff and just blurt. what kind of word is blurt anyhow. I think I should say blurt you. Think about the word, say it out loud. It's like having a conversation with someone up close and you're really checking out their face and it becomes distorted some what and you think of them in a different light after seeing that close glimpse of who they are. It's a weird experience like thinking about blurt and saying blurt. Have i said too much will I be judged. What will people think? Will they want to get me or stay as far away as possible. I feel weird right now like the weirdest person on the planet that nobody could quite understand or figure out. There's different definitions and variations of weird but I feel I'm defining the weird weird right now. The weirdest of the weird. Does that make any sense? What or does anyone understand what I'm getting at or is it all jibberjam. I just made that up another example of my weird weird. Just saying whatever the hell pops out of my head. Is there anybody out there? I'm a little touchEd in the head as my grandma use to say. I'm feeling a bit numb not cold but numb like I don't feel anything but to not feel anything is to not feel something so that's feeling a certain way so your still feeling something to not feel. You feel me?

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  • wrapped up in isolation and lonliness

    by oasisness on July 16, 2016

    Have you ever felt so hopeful but cant quite get there. You know how it feels to feel good and great but your so sunk in your depression you cant swim out. you feel trapped and in a constant despair. You crave so bad for the good feelings and even antidepressants dont do the job. When will you see the sun again but really feel it. How can you get there without sinking again to a bottmless pit of darkness where you feel numb and fatigued. what will take you there? It is pyshsiologial? Is it God? Is it perseverance? What is it and when

  • Rabbit hole

    by oasisness on February 25, 2016

    I think its permanent...

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