• Invisible

    by SilentSong19 on June 20, 2011 I'm a shadow, Always in the, Back of your mind. You never see me, When the lights are, Blinding you. So much beauty, None of it is, Mine. I just seem to, Fade. Am I, Still here? Or am I, Disappeared? Did I, Escape your mind? I guess I'm a, Ghost, 'Cause no one seems, Know I'm there. Well maybe, I'm just in, Visible. No Comments
  • Superhero's Tears

    by SilentSong19 on May 23, 2011 Dear child, You always seem, So strong. You try to hide, Everything, That hurts you. But your aloud, To fall apart, Sometimes. Chorus: Now's the time to cry, To let it all out. I'll be here, For to shoulder to cry on. Now's the time to forget, All that they've done to you. Yeah child, You don't have to be, A superhero, Anymore. You hid, All of this, From us. I know you don't, Want anyone hurt, You can't always succeed. Even though you try, You can't protect us all. Chorus Yeah you, Can't fight everything, You're not, Indestructible. Everyone hurts sometimes, Every superhero, Has their tears. Chorus Yeah child, Every superhero, Has their, Tears. No Comments
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