by zoso15128 on July 18, 2010 Ive gotta fuckin job for the last 2 yrs. working for the feds, which i cant get paid cus im too young. good grades. nature. and will power stronger than i can handle. i will make a change in the world, and have a great life ahead of me. i am fuckin soooo poor but i love it. ALL I WANT IS JESSICA OR A GIRL HOW I CAN LOVE. No Comments
  • ZOSO

    by zoso15128 on July 03, 2010 At times i feel the spiritual energy, the cosmic enrgy takes my soul from within. my wife nature, my freind odin, brother stars, sister sun I still remember jessica No Comments
  • pussy

    by zoso15128 on July 03, 2010 I need to get laid again soon!!!!! No Comments
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