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  • Buckle Up!!!!!

    by MaoMao27 on October 13, 2010 How many of you regularly buckle up? If you don’t, here are some Virginia statistics that could change your mind and save your life! When you are buckled, your odds of being ejected in a crash are significantly reduced. Only 1% of restrained occupants in a car get ejected in a crash as compared to 30% of unrestrained occupants! Convinced yet? No? Here are more stats! When worn correctly, seat belts are about 50 percent effective in saving your life in a crash! 762 teenagers who were not buckled up died on Virginia roads between 2000 and 2009! 60% of the teens killed in Virginia crashes in 2009 were not wearing a safety belt! 50 teens may be alive today if they had just worn a seat belt. A note about airbags: airbags do not replace the need for safety belts. It is a simple action that could safe your life. Buckle up Virginia. Buckle up America. No Comments
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