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  • Late

    by MaoMao27 on April 30, 2010 It is late at night. Almost May.Almost day three of posting comments. As of now I have 25 profile views! I suppose that's good. TheIntimindator27 has been posting comments and journal entries. As have I. So far I have replied to two people I don't know. One was for Rocket Man by Elton John. Oh, and the car is doing well. I was playing The Hardest Part by Coldplay very loud in the car for the entire neighborhood to hear. It actually wasn't that loud. Just a little bit ago I was outside with my reflecting trying to look at Venus. I saw it for about a half a second. Then I gave up. I blame the Octavin Flageolet. Oh well, I think I have said enough for today so until next entry, remember MaoMao27. Bye for now world! No Comments
  • New Car

    by MaoMao27 on April 30, 2010 It's Friday, April 30th. I just got a new 1995 Honda Accord. It is in bad shape. I will be spending most of May working with my dad on it. That means I won't be able to post as many comments. The Intimindator still will though. No Comments
  • Joining

    by MaoMao27 on April 30, 2010 April 29th I joined I hope to use this site to help promote The Ugha Club. No Comments
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