• Botticelli

    by Ezekielpoop on May 07, 2010 I must say, I love Botticelli's women. They are beautiful, serene, nude, and natural. He has the ability to represent women in the truest state. I've always loved his paintings, but I've recently been researching him, his works, and his life, and I'm inspired even more so. I've decided to start working on my first [all] nude sketchbook, and become a better artist. Speaking of which, I also found out yesterday afternoon that I was accepted for the Otis Summer Art Program Scholarship! This whole week has been so busy, and such a rush. I've barely gotten any sleep, I graduate next Sunday, family's coming down, I have three other graduations to go to, including my uncle's in Iowa City on May 25. He's finally getting his master's in business, and his DMV. He's 34, and he's been in school since he was six. I don't think I could handle that myself. Well, I'm starting to ramble. No Comments
  • Fucken Stoked!

    by Ezekielpoop on May 06, 2010 My uncle got a hold of my ma last night and told her that he was thinking about taking me to California this summer after I graduate, so I can go to look at colleges. I was already planning on going to California this summer, but this is even better! My uncle's fucken loaded, and kinda anal, so we'll defiantly be going first class, it'll be my first time ever, I'm used to economy, bus or railcar. I plan on staying there tho, there is supposed to be kickass shows at Gilman's on May 14, and June 11. June 11, Subhumans are playing, and supposedly, it's going to be one of their biggest shows ever, EEEEEEE! I feel like a little kid! 1 Comment
  • Reasons Why I Wish I Was A Guy

    by Ezekielpoop on April 29, 2010 -I could take my shirt off in public -I could pee wherever I wanted at any time. i.e. "whip it out" -I'd probably be better at skateboarding because my ma would have let me when I was younger -I could grow facial hair -I could write my name in the snow with piss -I could play on a football team ... 2 Comments
  • The most annoying thing.

    by Ezekielpoop on April 29, 2010 I HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE it when people say and try to convince they're ugly and fat. It's shallow. It's pathetic. Who gives a rat's ass what you look like? Be happy. Love. Hate. Die. Be pissed off. It's life. But how you look does not matter. Being hot and sexy will not make you happy. It will leave you empty and alone. The guy I love told me last night that i was beautiful. And it made me feel amazing, because I knew he meant me, not my face. No Comments
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