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  • o

    by laceFirefliy on August 10, 2010 its funny how much ive changed over time, im so differnt now. yet im painfully the same in ways. 1 Comment
  • versant

    by laceFirefliy on August 08, 2010 does anyone know when there cd's coming out?! i thought it said june but we're past june now...=( No Comments
  • Some advice

    by laceFirefliy on July 20, 2010 This is the most meaningful thing i've ever heard in a song, i hope anyone who has lost someone, something or anything close to them will understand its message. "Dont be shocked that people die, be surprised you're still alive" Live your life to the fullest, and remember the ones that didnt get that far and have left us, they live on in our hearts and never turly die as long as you remember the good things they did for you. -Paige No Comments
  • silver lake

    by laceFirefliy on July 19, 2010 i cant wait to go w/ my big bro!!! we're leaving friday and coming back sunday, saddly then i go back to skool the next day. No Comments
  • Airman Kelly

    by laceFirefliy on July 15, 2010 Im happy to say my brother will be coming home tomorrow, we'll have to pick him up really early. I cant wait to see him. No Comments
  • skool

    by laceFirefliy on July 13, 2010 almost time to go back, summer doesnt last long. =( No Comments
  • =(

    by laceFirefliy on June 17, 2010 hmmm i have nothing to do.... No Comments
  • shinys-with or without carah

    by laceFirefliy on June 01, 2010 i want to know who likes what more, the shiny toy guns with carah or without her, i like them with her, but please reply with what you think...=p 1 Comment
  • odd

    by laceFirefliy on May 19, 2010 i have the worst journal ever....who cares 1 Comment
  • 14

    by laceFirefliy on May 19, 2010 i was reading Gameinformer monday and got all worked up about Final Fantasy 14 it said you make your own avatar, i couldnt wait to get it, i told my bro and he told me its only on the internet!!!so mad! >< o No Comments
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