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  • Hm.

    by HelpYourself on August 13, 2010 He makes me forget about him, about the pain he's caused. He's my painkiller and he doesn't even know it. You've got me sewn, kid. No Comments
  • I wish

    by HelpYourself on August 05, 2010 I could be enough for him. But I know I'll never be. Sigh.. No Comments
  • I'm starting to believe.

    by HelpYourself on July 02, 2010 I looked into the mirror last night, and for the first time I felt beautfiful. My stomach has the amazing, but nervouse butterfly feeling in it. I never knew one boy could have so much effect on me in such a short period of time. I love it. No Comments
  • Blah.

    by HelpYourself on July 01, 2010 Can't wait for this weekend. Going to see Eclipse with Sam & Allie on Friday. I mean, fuck that movie, but I love to be with my friends. Then I'm sleeping over, and hopefully we'll hang out on the 4th of July too. I can't wait to see those fireworks over the lake. Sigh. No Comments
  • If I was gay.

    by HelpYourself on May 20, 2010 MAN, would I fuck Megan Fox. damnnnnnnnnnnn. 1 Comment
  • :)

    by HelpYourself on May 20, 2010 Going to make brownies for Sam & Allie today! I'm sad Sam's going through a bad time, so I hope I can cheer her up. & Allie just loves brownies haha :) I always try to be the best friends I can, and not to please myself or anything, but because these girls mean SO much to me 1 Comment
  • I just

    by HelpYourself on May 18, 2010 got a Twitter account. I can officially stalk Evan Lysacek now (: 2 Comments
  • :(

    by HelpYourself on May 13, 2010 Pens are outta the playoff's. It's okay, we just won a Stanley Cup anyways, we need to take a damn break, give our guys some vacay. They deserve it for real. Plus they helped me cross out one of my things to do before I die's: Kiss the Stanley Cup :) No Comments

    by HelpYourself on May 12, 2010 Gets sooooooooo effing gay after the fourth season. Boo! No Comments
  • I tend to

    by HelpYourself on May 10, 2010 OVER REACT. Way, way too much. No Comments
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