• What I really hate about this site

    by LovingMusic2010 on April 18, 2010 18/4/2010 What I really hate about this site You know what I really hate about this site? Well, when you leave comments and stuff, it doesn't let you know if anyone has replyed to it or rated it. You have to search it in order to see it. The people who run the site need to install an app that allows you to see when someone has replyed/rated your comment like on facebook.>:( LoveingMusic2010 xo No Comments
  • A-Hole-Bowling for Soup

    by LovingMusic2010 on April 18, 2010 18/4/2010 Some comments and rates! I commented and rated some of the comments left by fellow people joined to the site on the page "A-Hole, Bowling For Soup". One comment sickened me. It mentioned it was about a guy and a guy dressed up as a chick having sex and the guy not dressed as a chick tried to find a hole so used the asshole instead. The song had NOTHING to do with that if you have a look at the lyrics. Now Im going out with Isaac, he hasn't been talking to me and I feel a little bit like the girl in the song. Have a great day Isaac and everyone else! LovingMusic2010 xo No Comments
  • Go this site!

    by LovingMusic2010 on February 10, 2010 10/2/2010 I love this site.. Yay! Just found out what the song "we can work it out" by the bealtes was about....WOOHOOO!!!! LOVE THIS SITE!!! LovingMusic2010 xo No Comments
  • What really annoys me about this site

    by LovingMusic2010 on February 06, 2010 6/2/2010 What Really annoys me about this site... One thing that REALLY annoys me about this site is that when people comment, most of the time, they don't say hwat the meaning is!!! Yeah, we all think the band and song is awesome and all but what is the site all about? Knowing song meanings! People, stop worrying about how awesome the band/song is and write what you think it means. After that it's good to say you thinks it's cool and all but the main bit of it is seeing the meanings!!!! LovingMusic2010 xo No Comments
  • Yay! Firts lyrics!

    by LovingMusic2010 on February 06, 2010 6/2/2010 New addition to Boomtown Rats! Yay! My very first move on this sight was adding some lyrics! I was very surprised to see that no one had bothered to add "Fall Down" to the Boomtown Rats section and decided to do it myself as i had only just added my self to this sight. Looks like the aadministers are going to have a look at the lyrics now! Guess what?! I couldn't find the a music video for this song on You Tube or on Google. You had to buy the track! I don't have a credit card yeet you weirdos! I'm only 11! So, I had to type out the lyrics while listening to it word by word b word through my iPod. They probably had the lyrics somewhere on google but I didn't bother to check. I decided to make it orginal and do it myself with out the help of the internet. Maybe of my brother for putting the song on iTunes so I could put it on but whatever! Umm...I haven't reallly figured out what the song actually means yet but I will try to work it out by the time it's done being checked. Oh well, haev a great day! LovingMusic2010 xo No Comments
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