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  • Love, Kat

    by smartykat37 on December 18, 2010 Dear _____, When you saw me standing there, and your eyes lit up with recognizition, my knees started to tremble. When you continued to glance back at me, I couldn't help but wish it was true. When you stuttered and walked in step with me, I felt my childhood hopes return, and smiled. Love, Kat Dear ____, When you aren't looking, I tend to stare at you. When you look me in the eye, I can't help but feel my stomach drop. When I hear your name, I tend to aggresively blush. When I sing, I pretend that you're in front of me and that I wrote this song for you. When I think about what would happen if you found out, I know that we could never be, because we weren't meant to go out, I was destined or heartbreak. But still, I stare..... Love, Kat Dear ______, When you try to keepy your face blank, I see it. When you say my name like it is nothing, I know it means the world to you. When you enter the classroom and continually search for my face, I see it. When you do not object to my hugging you, but act like it is a nuisince, I can tell that you will be ripped apart come February 14th. Love, Kat Dear _____, When you touch my hand, it feels right. When we laugh in synchronicity, I feel it and hope you do too. When you hugg me and I feel the warmth of you, I hoped you felt the chill in me that needed to be warmed. When you tell me what might happen, I can't help but weep for you. When you show me that you might not be strong enough, I cry and wish you knew that I wish I could help you. When I lay awake at night, hoping you won't do anything stupid, I wish that you didn't have to figure it out on your own. Love, Kat Dear ______, When you lie and say that you are over me, I see that you are most definetly not. When you follow me around like a lost puppy dog and poke me in the side every ten seconds, I can tell that you don't see it. When you tell me you wish for mind control, I can see that you are hopelessly misguided. When you don't recognize when to stop and can't see that you need to change, I see that you will never understand why I don't feel the same way. Love, Kat Dear ____, When you type up my name, I feel my heart flutter. When you say somthing witty, I feel an aching in my cest. When I hear the song that reminds me of you and how I shared what I swore I wouldn't, I can't help but sing along. When I think of driving to your house in the middle of the night, I know nothing good would come out of it. When I consider the idea of nexy January, I shiver even though I know nothing life-changing will happen. Love, Kat Note: Each of these was written for a different person. Someday, I hope the endings will change on all. But for now, this is how I feel. No Comments
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