• Lyrics pt. 1 - Style Council

    by dwitefry on October 28, 2008 "Things that we've worked for they started to sell Now heaven is for angels and earth is hell" - A Woman's Song "Come take a walk upon these hills And see how monetarism kills" - All Gone Away "We used to chase dreams now we chase the dragon Mine is the semi with the Union Jack on." - Come to Milton Kenes "Have you ever woke to find the morning didn't come Undelivered with the papers - stolen by someone Found the milkman bound and gagged and shackles ' round the sun And the holder of the keys turns out to be the one The girl you had your heart set on - Have you ever had it blue." - Have you Ever Had It Blue "Of all the things she asked of me none were ever fun And I'm no good at acting while - the cameras on the run." - How She Threw it All Away "I was a shit stained statue School children would stand in awe" - It Just Came to Pieces in My Hands ""Old Iron! Old Iron!" - I heard the bobby shout As he brought his friendly truncheon down with with a God Almighty clout." "My ol' man was a dust person until he got the shove Now the iron heel he talked about is backed by the iron glove" - Life at a Top People's Health Farm "I play out my role Why I've even been out walking They tell me that it helps But I know when I'm beaten" - Long Hot Summer "I'm only sad in a natural way And I enjoy sometimes feeling this way" - The Paris Match "I was halfway home - I was half insane, And every shop window I looked in just looked the same" - Shout to the Top! "Rising up to break this thing From family trees the dukes do swing Just one blow to scratch the itch The law's made for and by the rich" - The Whole Point of No Return Also see all of A Man of Great Promise and Walls Come Tumbling Down. MeX No Comments
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