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  • The Oscars

    by RiotAct on February 28, 2009 No surprises this year. I wish there were. Slumdog Millionaire was a good movie so I don't mind it winning, although it's now at a point where it's become overrated. Heath Ledger won of course. I'm not so sure he would've won had he not OD'd. Talk about hype. How hard is it to play a character who is supposed to be psychotic with a mean apathetic streak? My pick? Robert Downey Jr. I give them credit for nominating an actor in a comedic role and he was in black-face too, man. Too much PC to win though. Sean Penn beat out Mickey Rourke. I didn't see his movie but I've seen enough of his movies to know he's a good actor, although he is a self-righteous bastard. Hey, at least he owns his beliefs. You can be self-righteous all you want around me, just as long as you admit that I'm always right. I would've liked to have seen Mickey win. You never thought he wasn't the Rammer for a split second. You can't argue with Kate Winslet winning. She keeps this up and people will start taking her for granted like they do Meryl Streep. Penelope Cruz winning was nice too. I didn't see her movie but she's beautiful so that's good enough for me. I'll leave you with this: people who believe reading subtitles while watching a movie is too difficult are a bunch of mouth-breathers. No Comments
  • Sound Effects

    by RiotAct on February 22, 2009 I don't mind Heitor Pereira accompanying Hans Zimmer in the theme Nyah with his dada-yadas. It's like a mother singing a lullabye to her baby. It works in the context and communicates the sentiment. What I mind are some artists who make sound effects out of their own laziness or cheapness where an instrument or further lyrics belong. They try to pass it off as creative flow when it's really just farting around. No Comments
  • Milestones

    by RiotAct on February 16, 2009 Artist Submissions: 51 Profile Views: 317 I have to work on my comments. They are sparse and are purely factual. Why? Because I'm cold and my heart is made of stone. No Comments
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