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  • Haiku

    by RiotAct on January 31, 2009 The Right Path Biting wind Erodes distant footprints Snow crunches No Comments
  • Milestones

    by RiotAct on January 06, 2009 Profile Views: 208 Artist Submissions: 40 Lyric Submissions: 201 It's important to have goals in life. That's what the Yapping Class keep on saying. No Comments
  • "Oh, I like all kinds of music"

    by RiotAct on January 04, 2009 This is the answer most people give to the question, "so, what kind of music do you like?" You scratch the surface just a little bit and it turns out that it's completely false and really they only enjoy a narrow range of music. I don't even like this question because people just want that information to put you in a pigeon hole. What they're really asking is, "Do you like the same music I like, thereby being cool?" It would be much easier for me to show people my entire playlist on my computer or mp3 player than to say I like so-and-so and the so-and-sos. If I mention one or two artists then suddenly that is my whole musical interest. I like what I like. Just don't ask me what I like. No Comments
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