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    by lastinfidel on July 26, 2008 I'm lastinfidel, and I love music! I sing, play piano, clarinet, and flute. For the last two years, I have traveled with my school's auditioned choir, The Dayspring Chorale, and it's been so much fun! I love poetry, so the lyrics of songs really appeal to me! Other than music, I also like reading, writing, drama, and drawing (but I'm really bad at it! ^-^). I like rainbows, cows, and skallybobs, and I absolutely adore the ocean! It's seriously like my favorite thing ever...I could stare at it for all eternity! If I could wish for any super power, it would be flying...but I would totally want wings because they are so beautiful. I would want them to be white and silvery-grey. Kinda like a snow-owl maybe? I have a deviantart site and if anyone reads this, please check it out! (altho it's not anything praiseworthy) It has some poetry by me, which I personally like...please comment and critique...your opinions are valuable! the site is www.lastinfidel.deviantart.com Thanks! Can't wait to hear from anyone who bothers to read this! If you would like to learn more about me and my rather blatant opinions, feel free to message me on deviantart or send an e-mail! If anything I say offends you, I apologize in advance, I really don't mean to offend people! You have your opinions, and I have mine, so let's all get along! Oh yeah, I also love manga and anime! I read and watch so much, that I'm beginning to suspect that it's unhealthy! I'd love to hear from anyone regarding that, as well! So let me know what you're reading and/or watching...I'm always up for suggestions! although I really don't care for yaoi...such a waste of perfectly gorgeous males! ^-^ One of my favorite series has to be Aqua and Aria by Kozue Amano, because it has some of the most beautiful artwork I've ever seen. I'm also a big fan of Bleach, Vampire Knight, D. Grey Man, Fruits Basket (and Takaya's previous work, Tsubasa wo Motsu Mono), various Clamp series, and Full Moon wo Sagashite. There are so many others I can't even begin to name them all! As for music, I don't often have the opportunity to listen to new things (in other words, I have no money). I love Skillet, Hawk Nelson, etc. And what little I've heard of fantasy trance I have LOVED. I can't really dance (I just pretend I can), but that stuff is just begging me to get up and go! I love instrumental music, too, including (I know, how nerdy of me) classical music. My favorite instrumental albums are George Winston (Autumn), any of the Lord of the Rings soundtracks, and my Frederic Chopin collection. Piano is seriously the most beautiful instrument on the face of planet Earth (altho i am so bad at playing it) and violin too. The problem i have when listening to music is that I tend to "disect" it--listening more to what's going on in the background than what the melody is. That's why I love Skillet...there's so many interesting things going on! Anyway, I'd love suggestions on new musics! Please refrain from bad words and overtly sexual things and country music! I hate country music! And stupid pop stars w/ sucky tone quality (a la Hannah Montana and Hillary Duff--take voice lessons people! And get over yourselves!) I also dislike songs where all the artist does is whine about how much life, love, etc. sucks and they want to die, or kill someone, or fall in love, or make someone notice them. It's annoying. Put some soul into it and stop being superficial! Well thanks for listening to me rant and rave! Much love! ---Lastinfidel No Comments
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