• Miley Cyrus

    by jacobalynn on August 02, 2008 Miley Cyrus is 15 and trying to have fun. People need to stop putting her down and just give it a rest! Its not your life its hers. If you would like to change I guess you will have to suck it up.Don't listen to her music then if you don't like her. And for all you Jonas Brother fans, get over it. Not everything is all about the Jonas Brothers!!!! Just because miley writes a song, it doesn't necessarily mean that its about one of the Jonas Brothers. And if it is then who cares!! It is just a song. GET OVER IT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! No Comments
  • Music

    by jacobalynn on December 02, 2007 I love music, I want to be a singer when I am older. I wouldn't mind being one now I just don't know how to get a singing career. I listen to music all the time and I just love it. I like oldies, some country, pop, hip hop, R&B, and rap. I like other kinds too just didn't want to name them. I don't like jazz and lullabys. I don't like lullabys because they always make ME fall asleep when I am listening/singing to the song. No Comments
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