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  • Logicalitical xD

    by _planecrash on December 24, 2007 I love when people are easy to read. I can't read most people though. I tend to only be able to read the people that are most like me, or have experienced the same feelings as me. There's these two people; person A and person B. Person A met person B and person B started to have feelings for person A. A didn't return those feelings for quite some time, but casually started talking to B so they wouldn't seem rude. B still liked A and talked to A how they normally would. A started changing the way they conversed to person B and started opening up more. Person A started talking more to person B and I could tell they fell for B. It was all quite adorable. I think I know all that because I was in that situation EXACTLY like them. Humans amaze me. No Comments
  • Three.

    by _planecrash on December 21, 2007 "I have to go, I need some time to think about things." Since when does thinking involve shutting everyone out and leaving to some random place? As I can still remember, us humans can think anywhere.. at anytime.. with anyone around. As you can tell, I hate that stupid phrase because whoever says it means "I just need to get away from you, you're making me upset/sad/mad/depressed/insert any other emotion that will offend me here". Another thing. I hate when people don't give you the time of day. Well, when they make it seem like they want to talk to you, but all they do it talk about themselves. Do I look like I care about how bad your life is? You're not the only one with issues, you know. AND NO! I really DON'T care about that "fabulous new shirt" you bought. Is it possible to be in love with someone you barely know, but they still continue to amaze/surprise you? No Comments
  • What's with you?

    by _planecrash on December 20, 2007 I hate when people are obsessed. Obsessed with anything. (ie. a person, their car, noodles?) It's annoying. It's okay to mention it a few times, but to ramble about it nonstop.. then, there's an issue. :] No Comments
  • I'm a banana.

    by _planecrash on December 13, 2007 This is going to sound pretty stupid, but I just realized.. I've been liking songs ONLY because of the vocals. BUT! I've started to block out the words and listen to the background music and instrumentals.. now I wish I did this sooner.. because I love a lot of songs that maybe don't have too great of vocals. Ps. Don't mind the title. :] No Comments
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